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lipotrim newbi

Hi all im kelly 31 started lipotrim today need to shift 4-5 stone first day not bad loving the ideas on how to make the shakes more intresting but anyone got any idea for the chicken flavour one i have 6 to use during the weekand had one today it made me feel sick can you add salt and pepper to it x
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Hi Kelly, welcome :) I haven't got any ideas about the soup I'm sorry as I really don't like them. I swapped them with something else at the pharmacy after I had my first one.

I know some people put chilli on the soup. I don't think salt would be a great idea as it may make you retain water.

lorra x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya and welcome!!

Hmm.. i was funny about adding spices... Although I added pepper to the soup throughout and it was fine :)

Good luck on your lipotrim journey :) xxx
Hi and welcome

I add chilli powder and pepper to the soup makes it yum lol well kind of haha


I will be skinny again!!!
Kelly, I jus said it in frustrateds thread so ill say it in yours too :)

Take measurements and before pics so you have something to compare too :) xxx


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I didn't like the soup but I put lots of pepper and a bit of cajun spice in it. Not sure its allowed but it didn't do me any harm in the first week. Not had any since.

I like the flapjacks although I thought they were mingin at first.

If you feel its hard in first few days you must persevere because it gets much easier. Good Luck


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Lots of people add pepper & other spices - the advice on whether we should varies but as I say lots of people do.

No salt though!!! x
welcome to LT!

i'd say don't bother adding anything to the soups. part of the whole LT schtick is it retrains your palate so you shouldn't be 'eating' the shakes/soup for the enjoyment of the taste - just get it down your neck like a medicine drink loads of water and you'll be fine :)

if you don't like them the pharmacy will most likely swap them for a shake.
Hi and welcome
I started off by thinking of the shakes and soup as a medicine and now i rather like them!...your palate will change. If you really dont like the soup swap it.
Good luck!!


maintaining since June'09
Sounds like a good pharmacist!! Good advice x


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Hiya, I thought of the shakes like medicine too, and just got them in me. But if you really don't like the soup swap them for a shake. Maybe in a few weeks try one again as your palete does change.
Good luck with your first week.
Thank you all for you kind advice so gald i found this forum day 2 today and i am not really botherd about not eatting i donmt feel hungry but i did have a argument with my mum and was desprate to eat somthing after so its jusr more proof of how mush emotion is attached to food in my case my husband is so great and with the soup i put it in a bowl yesterday to eat with a spoon so it took longer to eat think i will just use a cup today and neck it looking forward to trying the chocolate one for tea made with peppermint tea lol x
Hi Jonsey78

Wecome to the LT forum, you will find it a great place to visit when 'meaningful' family and friends just dont understand :blahblah:.
I personally cannot do the soup, I tried it for the fist week, put a little chilli in etc etc ...but naaaa!! I only have the shakes now and I love them. Sometimes I add a little coffee powder to the vanilla to make a frappe for variation, but otherwise I just stick to LT 100%. As Elle-Emm says, the whole point of LT is to change your palate and get you off the food drug thang!!
Good luck ;)

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