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Lipotrim newbie questions


I've never tried Lipotrim before and wondered whether anyone else is in the same position as me and whether Lipotrim is likely to work for me.

I'm 3 - 4 stone overweight and have had to work very hard not to go above 14 stone. I have tried very hard over the last few years to lose weight the 'conventional ways', i.e. low fat, low Gi, low GL, Atkins, more exercise, etc. but the result is always the same - I lose a couple of pounds in week 1 then less than a pound (or even stay the same) every week after. I find this is painfully slow and I can't keep it up long enough to lose the weight I need to lose.

I've been to the doctor and had loads of blood tests to make sure there's no medical reason for finding it hard to lose weight and even the doctor agreed that my weight loss is unusually slow (he couldn't offer a solution).

I'm not deluding myself about my weight loss attempts - I genuinely stick to whatever eating plan I'm on and exercise at the same time. I just can't seem to shift enough weight each week to keep me motivated long term.

I'm hoping the Lipotrim will give me quick enough results to keep the incentive up - if I'm losing weight I know I can stick to it (having said that, I'm not looking forward to week 1!).

So, does anyone else suffer from very slow weight loss and has Lipotrim helped you? I have such a low opinion of the way I look that I have to do something about it for my sanity's sake.

Thanks for listening,

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I tried loads of things too from slimming world and weight watchers etc and while some pplin the class lost 5 or 6 pounds the first week i only lost 2 so gave up as i didnt feel motivated at all. I've beenon LT for about 9days now and I had my weigh on thursday and lost 13lbs in my 1st week! the first week is really hard and u will struggle but stick to it cos the results really are worth it. On my 1st attempt at LT i lost 11lbs the first week and 5lbs the next week... so as long as u stick to it 100% the losses will be consistant and will keep you going as each week ur weigh results will give you the motivational boost you need xxx good luck
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yep me hunni i was 13 stone 6 and on some diets i even gained even though i stuck to it by the book but i have lost a stone in 2 weeks and have another weigh in on tuesday i am now just over 12 stone and in size 14 jeans confortable. all you can do is give the first week a try and see if you lose if not go to the doctors they wanted to check my thyroid cos that can affect weight gain. good luck and let us know xxx


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I have an underactive thyroid gland and so an EXTREMELY slow metabolism. Diets like weight watchers were painstakingly slow for me to lose weight. Like 1 lb every 3/4 weeks.....soul destroying! To do exactly what you are supposed to and still not lose. Then for people to say "you must be eating more" or "at least its coming off!"....drove me nuts!

Finally I found LT. On my first attempt I lost 2 stone 12 lbs in 8 weeks and then took 2 months off to travel to adopt my baby. Now back on it and have lost 9lbs in 5 days! Also in the 2 months off I put up 5lbs the first week (was the week I met my new baby and waiting to see would she be mine and comfort ate and stuffed my face every evening). But other than that have been eating normally and have not put any weight back on.

I can't recommend it enough. Good Luck!


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Hi Peggie, I'm exactly the same, gave up everything due to the terrible slooowness of the results.
LT is a lifesaver, I've lost 3 stone in 8 weeks! Never been able to do anything like it before. Stick with it and come on here for help and inspiration whenever you need it. Good luck Hunni xx

Thanks for your replys - your results are amazing and give me hope that this really could work for me. I'm only 5'2" so the extra weight really shows on me and I'm fed up with the backache and feet problems that I'm sure are due to my weight.

Given my weight loss history, I'm really excited about the prospect of losing so much weight before Christmas. We're visiting my in-laws that I only see a couple of times a year and I usually get comments about needing to lose weight - hopefully this time it will be different!

Peggie xx


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You're so right about the feet,back/knees problem. I went to Town yesterday (this will be a whole thread on it's own!) and my feet and knees were STILL killing me (although much better than pre the 3 stone loss!)
I can't wait to lose the other 4 and feel OK walking about again. Bring it ON!!
hiya peggie,

i came on this forum just over a week ago to search for a little bit of motivation to start my usual weight watchers mp5 diet (the mens version of ww). i have been on and off this diet for years and even though i have always lost weight on it the results have never been quick enough for me. for example, i would follow the plan to the letter and most days would even pop down the gym for an hour as well as rugby training twice a week and playing a rugby match every saturday. then every week i would get weighed only to find out i had lost a pound or even stayed the same ! it was soul destroying. then while i was on here one day i started reading the L/T threads and got really inspired by peoples progress and decided to give it a go. i am finding this diet really easy now that i have been on it almost a week and have got over those initial few days of headache's etc. this is the first diet i have done that makes me feel really positive about losing weight. give it a go you will never look back.

It's so good to hear all your encouraging messages. I don't think I could embark on yet another diet that didn't give me results. Soul destroying is exactly the right term for it!

I have to give Lipotrim a go - I'll phone the pharmacist tomorrow although I can't get there until next weekend (my nearest one is quite far away and I don't have the car during the week).

Thanks everybody.
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Hi Peggie,

Good luck with your start.

I have tried loads of diets in the past and either never stuck to them or hit a plateau and gave up. This is the first diet I have managed to stick to and I now weigh less than I did 14 years ago! Maybe even longer but I can't remember that far back!!!!!

If you plan to start Saturday then you can help yourself get through the first week by cutting back on carbs this week.

Good luck hun. We are always here if you need us.


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