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  1. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    hello i am currently on lipotrim but the price has now gone up to £45 a week im thinking of going on exante as this is much cheaper, i was wondering if anybody has been on lipotrim and then moved on to exante? are the results the same? im scared to swap incase it doesnt work as well as lipotrim as i am used to it.

    do the shakes taste the same?

    many thanks

    stace x
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  3. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely


    Research has shown that once a diet dips below 800 cals into the VLCD range, there is, overall, no statistically significant difference in weight loss whether you're on 400, 600 or 800 a day. By that point, you are losing as fast as your own body's capable.

    You have to go with the best option for you.

    Good luck :)
  4. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    thankyou, i think i might try it for a month see if it agrees with me i could also go back to lipo if it doesnt work out for me x
  5. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely

    Fair enough. Sometimes different formulations 'agree' or 'disagree' with people in different ways too. All the best with it. :)
  6. Bikbee vikki

    Bikbee vikki Member

    I did Lypotrim two years ago and maintained for 18months, last summer I wasn't well and slowly the weight crept up until at New Year I made the decision that I needed to go back on it. A colleague in work told me about Exante so I researched it and decided to give it a go. I am in my 2nd week first week I was strict but faltering this week had a nibble of chicken/ham but nothing too naughty, I lost 7lb first week which I lost on Lypotrim however I do think the shakes and bars are a lot tastier than LT, I couldn't do the soups on Lt they made me gagg! I have ordered some ready meals as struggle when cooking tea for my family I crave a meal so will let you know how I get on. I cannot believe the price has gone up so much, shows they are on to a good thing! My suggestion is to give it a go you may be surprised!
    Good luck!
  7. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    thankyou for your reply, i have ordered a months suppl of exante so once this weeks lipo fiish i will start on it, you know the hot meals are they packet food or an actuall meal? x
  8. kaiman

    kaiman Member

    Hi folks. can anyone tell me if the shakes on Exante taste any better than LT ones. I found the LT one to be vile and left an awful after taste. I stayed on it for a week lost 10lbs but could only manage 1 of my 2 shakes a day. I was thinking to move over so was wondering what the difference was, price obviously being one plus.

    Thaks in advance
  9. April1

    April1 Full Member

    Hi, in April last year I went on Lipotrim but got sick of the limited options of shakes, I was on it for 3 weeks & then changed over to Exante (with no break in between). I didn't put on any weight in the initial change over & just continued to lose. After 12 weeks on Exante I'd lost 3 stone. Hope this helps. Xx

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