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weighs a lot less
i would think its fine you can do it with the female ones so why not xx


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That would be fine, Dan!

As long as you have both shakes and the reccomended water you'll be fine!

Welcome btw!

Lisa xx


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Hi dan86,


Good luck with starting Lipotrim next week.

The 2 male packs work out at around the equivalent of four female packs as men need a bit more of everything...:)

You can divide up your packs if that suits you to have four mini meals a day instead of two.

It is very important to make each half pack up fresh and consume within fifteen to twenty minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble and they will lose their nutritional value.

Love Mini xxx
cheers for the info and hopefully will stick to it once i see the weight coming off.
anymore hints and tips to keeping to this diet?


Finally a size 12!
Welcome!!!!!!! Water water water ha ah ha ah keep busy even if its just posting on this forum anything to keep your mind focused on the 1st week xxx


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Hi Dan
Welcome..... good luck on your first week and congrats on taking the first step to the new you xxx
Advice wise - Drink more than 4 pints of water up to a maximum of 10 pints a day (as reccommended by LT) You can mix your shakes with coffee or peppermint tea for a change... If you arent having no's take either senekot or ducolax - i take 3 lots a week, one the night before weigh in. Use fibre clear in your shakes, it helps to keep you full for longer and keep you no 2's soft. lots of early night and Stay out of the kitchen for the first week as much as poss xx
cheers for all your advice. I dont go in the kitchen anyway the misses does lol. When do you notice your losing weight? and when does the hunger go away?


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
LOL....Typical male!!! I noticed in the 2nd week...went down a dress size..hunger typically goes away after 1 week (but everyone is different..some people get rid of it before)You may get head hunger but just drink water hun
cheers!! only thing i have to worry bout is i work night and days so have that little obstacle to overcome with fitting the shakes in.


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Why dont you get 4 female packs...and also spilt them down so you can have 8 meals a day? also lots of water in between and dont forget your fibre clear to help you feel fuller
Well im gonna start on lipotrim next week! The male lipotrim you only have 2 sachets per day. Can you split these up into 4? so that it is varied throughout the day? Any help would be appreciated.

cheers dan :p
Yes you can split them hun. Good luck, let us know how it goes :)


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Hi dan Yes afraid it does have to be blck. Thats he thing I'm finding hard I only like tea and find it bitter with no milk but had my first weigh in today and feel better already my waist band feels comfortable now instead of cutting me in two:)
Hun your coffee does not have to be black - add a couple of teaspoons of an LT vanilla shake - really nice like latte. Enjoy!! :)


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
16lbs i think

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