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Hi all about to start and just had a few ??. I tried lighterlife before and it worked but went back to comfort eating in times of trouble. Going to be 40 later this year and going on a cruise late dec so need to shed loads.

I tried CD but didn't like it. However on CD you were allowed to drink coke zero does d same apply to lipotrim. Also is it ok to drink redbush tea as i am not a fan of black tea

Brand new to the forum so not sure about anything yet but will learn as i go along i guess.
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Firstly, its a NO to coke zero. Water, water, water, water, black tea and black coffee. Thats your lot.


I will do this!!!
I drink normal tea, redbush tea and white tea just to give a bit of variety
hi i have to ask what is cd i have read it alot but dont know what it is. it is my first week too well second day. good luck and cant wait to read how well you are doing! good luck hunxxxxx


I will do this!!!
CD=cambridge diet LT= lipotrim LL=lighterlife WI=weigh in. The cambridge diet, lighterlife and lipotrim are 3 diets that are basically the same. They are all total food replacement diets that mean you have the shakes and thats all. The only real difference is the prices
oh rgt ok thank you so much xx
Thank you all for making feel welcome. Have put in a ticker to remind me of my achievements. Waiting on a scale to be delivered today so i can put on my true weight. What i have there now is an estimate. Have started with the water this morning and already have a slight headache but i think its more from anxiety than anything else.


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Welcome Mama, don't exercise in your first week or two, let your body adjust to it. some people get light headed or dizzy for a while.
Exercise depends on you really, some just walk, others swim and some even work out in the gym or jog and run. (Iwalk and it's fine for me) If you're very heavy and unfit, best to start by walking, say 15 mins a day and build it up. Good luck!
Welcome Mama and good luck. You will find the first week the toughest so make sure you pop on here. It's great for taking your mind off food and for keeping you focused!

Welcome aboard! :)
Ok it's day 1 and I am feeling good. I know Lipotrim is supposed to have all necessary vitamins but I have done lighter life before and suffered terribly from cramps. I read somewhere that a tablet called crampex was good. I was also thinking of taking selenium and/or chromium which are supposed to help

Start weight - 20st 12lb i have a lot to lose
Sorry Mama, I have no idea re extra supplements as I don't take any. Ask your chemist or, if they don't know, try ringing LT's helpline, many say Val on there is very helpful.

Good luck.

ok thanks. The day has not been too bad. Forgot my shaker at home so i was in a panic but stopped at the nearest shop and got something. I did feel very sick today almost as if i was going to throw up but i took some carbonated water and that seemed to help. Just about to take my last shake for the day.
welcome mama good luck with lipotrim you will get lots of support on here there is always someone with the knowledge they are all great.

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