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Discover Lisas Diary - 12 stone to shift!


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Well, looks like im coming back to Discover once again. Have tried MANY other options and this is the one i seem to keep coming back to.

Have used this plan in the past and sucessfully managed to lose 3 stone. Fell pregnant due to this and gained it all back and then some. Cant help but think if id have come straight back to WW after DD was born id be very near goal now. Alas we live and learn.

Looks like ill be on 31 daily points to start with. Only a pound to lose then i drop a point though! Will be posting all the food that passes my lips as of monday moring. Looking forward to getting to know you all :)

Lisa xx
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Day 1 as follows...

Breakfast - SF shake - 3.5 points

Lunch - Asdabagel - 3 points, Asda smart price cheese slice - 1, extra light mayo - .5, 50g chicken breast prepacked - 1. Asda twix - 3, French fries - 1.5.

Dinner - chippy chips - 11 points, 2 W'tons orange bread - 3, marge x 2 - 1. Choc lolly - 1.

Total Used 31/31. (will have a medium banana in a mo to shift the last 1.5)
Day 2 food as follows...

40g mini choc chip weetabix - 2.5
half pint skimmed milk - 1
1 slice toast with marge - 2

Asda bagel - 3
Smart price cheese slice - 1
chicken breast chunks - 1
Extra low mayo - .5
Asda bar - 2
French fries - 1.5

Pasta and sauce - 8
2 w'tons bread and marge - 4

2 Asda bars - 4
Options orange hot choc - .5

Not been too bad today. Have official weigh in tomorrow and official restart to my discover journey.
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Good luck for your wi tomorrow...im sure it will be a good result :)
Good luck for tomorrow :)
Thanks everybody will upload my food diary later and also to update weigh in results.
Im on 31 points Nicola, but only have a pound to lose then i drop a point.
Thatll be a pound off for me :eek:) shiny seven too.

Wont be updating food diary today, my after weigh in treat went too far off the scale! Naughty girl, enjoyed it though and straight back on tomorrow :D


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well done :)
thats me back, have been poorly sick :( I HATE acid reflux!!

Havnt posted food diaries as ive not really eaten much due to reflux. Will hopefully be back tomorrow with a full diary.

PS: How many points in gaviscon?! Seems like ive nearly polished off a full bottle in the last few days!


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welcome back! Hope you are feeling better :)
Thanks everybody :)

Will be posting my food diary later on this evening.

SlimFast shake - 1.5

4 blue w'tons bread - 6
4 marge - 2
4 cheese slices - 4
brown sauce - 2
2 asda bars - 4

2 bread - 3
2 marge - 1
snap pot spag hoops - 4

27.5 used, 2.5 saved
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hey where are you, not seen you posting this week...hope ur ok

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