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Lisa's wart n all diary


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Hi my name is Lisa, I am 13st 10lbs and size 16 - i have been trying to lose weight for nearly 18 yrs now!! Every attempt seems to result in a weightloss then a stall then the inevitable 'giving up' and reverting back to the gluttony of before. the lowest i have weighed in the past 18 yrs is 11st 4lbs - this diet is a make or break thing for me - i have to achieve - i just have to. I started lipotrim yesterday and thought by documenting my first week [initially anyways ;)] it will keep me focused. So here goes!!

Saturday 21 June 2008
I woke up late as i got back from a conference late friday night - sooo about 11am - got ready and went on a mission to find a lipotrim chemist in my area - found one!!! got weighed and gratefully received my bag of goodies for the week :eek:

i got back home around 12.30 - came on here and read some posts - starting drinking water..water...water, i consumed 3lts of the stuff throughout the day. I had a chocolate shake for lunch at around 1ish then had the chicken soup for tea at about 6 ish then because i know u have to have 3 a day [and i hadnt had any breakfast] i tried to make the vanilla powder turn into milk with a coffee - vile...vile...vile soooo the remaining vanilla stuff i had as a drink at 11pm. i kinda like the taste of everything - well i mean, nowt is orgasmic or owt - but i dont retch!!

I had a headache yesterday - which i sorted with a nap and some tabs - i still have a dull ache now, but i can live with that - those kool n soothe migraine pads u put on ur head work wonders too :D

I woke this morning without hunger and made myself a strawberry shake, that is nice too - i am on my second pint of water already and to be honest - i am not finding this that hard.

I am having everything plain for the moment as i feel by adding lots of different flavours or adapting the shakes and stuff prior to me being bored senseless would just be a waste!! Mind games i know but - at least i know i will have other ways to try when i do get bored.

ok enough of my waffle :silly:
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Says it as it is!!!
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Well done, on taking the first step to the new you lisa...good luck for the week and keep that water up hun x x xx


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Testing this thread for Lisa!


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half way through my third day - and i had a strawberry shake for brekkie and boy was i in need of the chocy shake i am drinking now!!! I was starved!! But my mouth feels and tastes like a tramps armpit - so i am guesing that ketosis is on its way - if not already here :D

I have drank 2 litres of water already - probs be around 4lts consumed by the end of the day :)

Cant wait for my soup tonight - i put pepper and a pinch of curry powder in it last night and it was lovely!!!

so bugger to the not adapting the flavours thing till i am bored senseless lol... u will get used to me chopping and changing my mind ;)

take care peeps


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just checking my ticker thing works!


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hmmmmm and again!!!


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one last try then i give up
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Congruency - win at everything and you will win you battle of the buldge.

SO figure out that ticker even if it kills u!



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yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss i did it!!

stubborn cow me thefuturesbright ;)
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Hey Lisa

Welcome to the forum. Your stats and lightest weight are the same as mine - I started at 13'10 and lost a few pounds before doing LT. It is sooo worth perservering with. I got to my lightest in Aug 2006 which was 11'4 and since then bad eating - pregnancy (lots of naughty eating there...lol!!!) and general apathy meant I got up to 15' 7 when I gave birth!!! Now starting to feel alot better about myself and my OH is loving the slimming me too!!
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Well done Lisa.

You're doing well. When is your first WI? Saturday?

You have the right attitude and a sense of humour - you need both on LT!

So many on here are from Manchester, opportunity for some good nights out!!! When I reach target I'll have to have a weekend up there!



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thank you for commenting on my thread girlies!! I am bloody starved!! it is 5.39 and i am gonna try to stretch it out till 6/6.30 so i dont go to bed hungry!!! The lightheadedness and general fussiness in the brain department has finally gone! lol

i have had 3.5 litres of water already and plan on having a few hot water 'brews' without the brew to keep me going till tea time!!

lots of fatties in manc eh? :O Not for bloody long lemme tell ye!! Ohhhh nooooooo, i see skinnyville on the horizon!!! come to mama :D

My weigh in is on friday as the girl that does it isnt usually in on a saturday so this weeks WI [took me a while to figure out what that meant ;)] will be after 6 days so fingers crossed!! My stomach feels like me throats been cut like so i better have lost summink!!!

good luck to you all!!

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