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Little bit gutted, but...

So, all week I have been tracking like a loony (phone never left my hands, lol!). I was a bit worried that i hadnt eaten all my weeklies by last night (I had 14 left), so decided to eat 8 of them.

Yesterday morning, after a long lie in, I had an SP that showed i was 13st 12.5 (had been 13st 13.5 all week, I SP everyday). So, imagine my shock when i jumped on the scales this morning to see 14st 0 n 3/4!! This meant i have lost a paltry 3/4 of a lb since i started last week :(

However, as i am 100% sure my weight gain was caused by eating those weeklies the night before weigh in, therefore, should only be a temporary gain, I have entered 13st 13.5 in the weight tracker meaning I have lost 2lb this week.

This week, i have changed tactics slightly. I will be following Discover. As well as keeping track of my propoints via the phone, i have found my old tracker book and am writing down the old points in them as i go along, only i will stop at the 21 old points i used to be on. Will be interesting to see if i lose a bit next week.....
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I was gutted this week too. First WI lost 3lbs, this week's WI gained 0.5 and I have no idea why!!! Tracked ALL week. Only difference is I used my weekly points this week.

Giving it one more week otherwise going back to Discover Plan too.
Well, it seems to be working, stuck to "Vintage Points" yesterday, and am back down to 13st 13.5 today :) However, today, isnt as good. Decided i wanted 2 Tesco Vegetable Quarterpounders that were sitting in the fridge for tonights dinner - so all i have eaten for my 21 pts is: a Cholesterol Yogurt Drink, 2 bacon sandwiches made with WW Bread and the 2 burgers and 2 packets of micro chips. Still, i am determined to stick to it, its just making me a bit grumpy cos i am starving (still havent had dinner), but hubby doesnt want his yet, GRR!!
my first 2 weeks i kept to my daily points and lost only 1lb

but the last 2 weeks i have stuck to my daily points and used 10 of my weekly points ( i have use my weekly points on the days im a little more hungry to have extra diner) not as snacks

and i have lost 2lb each week

try using some of your weekly points and see if that makes a difference
I am still using my weekly points, just going to try not to eat all of them. However, after two days of tracking both plans, I am left with only 27 weekly points to last me Tuesday - Friday.
from reading these forums i have found its a lot of trial and error for everyone in regards to how many weekly points to use. i'm happy with a 2lb a week loss and seem to achieve this with using 10 of my weekly's.

have you tried making a batch of zero point soup. it's great takes the hunger away until dinner :rolleyes:
I have been doing propoints for 6 wks now and have used all my weekly points every week. Have lost 10lbs now got about 22 to go. I think it just takes time for your body to adjust to it- I was only losing 1 or 0.5 for the first few weeks. It took me 10yrs to put this 2.5 stone on and (unfortunately!) it will take a while to come off. Stick with it- it will work x

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