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Cruise PV Liver and Onions with Gravy

Hi, Am new to Dukan Diet, into my 12th day and have lost 12lb but really fed up with the food now, so have adapted this recipe and would like to know if people think it is "safe" for the Dukan Diet, ....Oh I hope so :)

Liver and Onions with Gravy

Ready in 20 mins


Serves: 2

340g (12 oz) ox or calves' liver, thickly sliced
seasoned oatbran
oil wiped off pan or spray
1 medium onion, halved and sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed and chopped
1 red chilli, finely sliced with seeds left in (or removed if you're a wimp!)
110g (4 oz) mushrooms, sliced (omit if PP day)
450ml (3/4 pint) low sodium beef stock cube
1 Tbsp Worcester Sauce
2 Tsp Cornflour
salt and black pepper to taste


Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 10 mins

1. Take the liver and toss in the seasoned oatbran until it is coated all over, put to one side.

2. Add the oil to a large frying pan and wipe, add the onions and fry gently until they are looking see through, add garlic, chilli and mushrooms and fry for about another 5 minutes or until the mushrooms have softened and have started to take on some colour. Remove everything from the pan and put to one side.

3. Bring the pan back up to a high heat till just smoking and add the liver, brown the liver quickly on both sides - a minute for each side should be enough - and when done add the onions, garlic, chilli and mushrooms back to the pan.

4. Mix Cornflour with a little of the stock until blended, gradually add rest of stock and Worcester Sauce, add this to the pan, this should start to bubble up as soon as it hits the pan. Now turn the heat down to a medium low setting so that the gravy bubbles away gently. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes and then serve.

5. Serve with veg or on it's own, if on PP day.
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Gone a bit quiet
That looks really nice, and fine. I do something similar but find I don't need the stock cube. I coat the liver in the cornflour as well as the seasoning and some herbs. I start by cooking the onion and let it colour up a bit, then the garlic and other bits if using, then finally the liver. I add liquid when liver has browned a bit, or else a few drops early to stop things burning.
Hi Topaz,

Thanks for the reply, glad that I am understanding how to do the diet correctly.

I used to coat my liver in flour but thought that we weren't allowed flour so tried to substitute it with Oatbran, how much cornflour can we get away with thought it was only really 1 teaspoon and that wouldn't really cover ALL my liver :D
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