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Living abroad - lost

Hello everyone,

İ have tried every diet possible and have always ended up at the same place every time. İ am hoping that Xenical will give me that boost that I so greatly need. İ have read all of your stories and think you all are all inspirational. İ live in İstanbul and it is hard to get the ready meals that you can buy in Tesco and Asda, I was just wondering if you have any advice on the foods that İ can eat whilst on Xenical. İ hope to become an active member on this site and İ am starting on Xenical on Tuesday so all information İ can get before then would be great. Thank you everyone.:D
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All you have to do is stick to the 5g per 100g of fat rule...It isn't too hard..You'd be surprised how many things you could actually have!! Good Luck!! :)
Sorry for all of the questions...you cant fry or cook anything in oil? what about low fat cheese spread? its so hard shopping in Turkey for low fat things, Im going to have to cook things from scratch...really excited to start on Tuesday
I haven't tried using oil yet..have read the a tiny tiny bit has been used.. I did try fish though...Since xenical cant tell the good and bad fats apart everyone seems very aprehensive about fish..but I had cod 3 nights the past week and a half and no side effects..it was only the tiniest bit with rice and salad..but yeah..I also eat extra low fat cheese spread on bagels..which goes doen really well. I hear the people eat low fat cheese and things but I haven't tried it. :)
i have fried a few things in fry light spray and had no side effects. smoked haddock is a good one too. i have found a good low fat cheese spread at tescos but guessing not one in turkey lol just look at nutrients on the back and as long as 5g or less per 100g you will be fine. good luck for tuesday and welcome aboard the xenical train
Good luck for tuesday, hope it all goes well for you!! I use low fat soft cheese in a lot of things when i am cooking, and low fat cottage cheese is great if you can get it!! Crab sticks and prawns are ok too!! Becareful if you use oil, its all trial and error really!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
fish is great for you, we just don't eat enough of it. Have oily fish in moderation, but we're still supposed to eat it for health benefits.

Make sure you check your cheese spread for the fat content, some isn't low fat enough for xenical users... eeek.

If you can't get Fry Light in Turkey, can you find a Oil Spray pump type thing and use olive oil in that, just don't give the pan too many sprays of oil!

What the general diet like where you are in Turkey? Do you get many fresh fruit and veg/meat/fish? As you don't get Tesco Express, perhaps when you've found a good recipe you can bulk cook and freeze some portions for those evenings when we would reach for a ready meal?

All the very best Sarah, looking forward to chatting to you on here.
that is what i am going to do. cook some things in bulk and freeze it. makes it cheaper and easier
wow everyone...thank you so much for your advice and support! its really nice to know there are lovely people out there like yourselves...im really motivated this time, as ive said before ive done every diet under the sun, atkins, cambridge, cabbage soup so i know i can do it again! its just having the motivation but seeing all of your fantastic stories has really inspired me to bite the bullet and go for it...the diet here is full of fresh veg but i hate salad which makes everything hard and everything here is dripping in oil, even though everyone is extremely thin!
once again, thank you so much for the advice
i was very surprised at the stuff i could get on it. gutted about some things but if want loss the weight there needs to be some sacrifice lol
mine takes longer too :/ but guess it is worth it. i still get disheartened but i see something i love is over the 5 per 100 rule

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