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Living as a slim person


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It's weird, I've never been slim for so long! In fact, I've never been this slim. In fact, I've never been slim!! LOL! :p

Some things that have happened over the past few weeks are that I'm continually being told that I need to put on half a stone. By everyone. Even the people that did LL prior to me. Even a man in work who likes slim women hinted that I've lost too much weight. I just said "I love it" to which he responded "you do, don't you" - don't really know what to make of that one.

I went out last night and it was a revelation to me that I was one of the slimmest women in the room at a party and in the pub afterwards. That was properly weird!!! I also chose not to drink alcohol, but enjoyed the night and drove home, and actually didn't feel out of place or awkward once, which I usually do when I go out.

We've had to order uniforms in work, which prior to LL would have caused me so much stress and embarrassment - I actually loved writing size 10 on the order form though! I also realised that the girls in work that I always thought were so lovely and slim (and that I could never be like them), I'm now slimmer than a lot of them.

I caught myself last night looking at people and judging their size, which I have to stop doing! I think it must be like a reformed smoker though and I hope that I get used to this, as I really hope my thoughts don't show on my face! That would be awful!

I'm such a different person in many ways, and this will take a lot of getting used to, but it's so worth it!
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wow, you must be so happy I remember deeling like that!!! It was great, Just don't listen to others and dont EVER take you eye off the ball again with food!!!
You look great... well done!!!


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hi there
i can't wait to get to that stage!
are you finding eating ok? do you get hungry?
daisy x


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S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
Hi Daisy!

I've just read your thread, not managed to respond to any yet, but will later when I get back.

Can't talk about the 'F' word here, but will post in RTM later - have a look - there are issues definitely! ;-)

You are doing fab by the way!!!!!

Nik xx


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Poppy, you look fab, and are clearly feeling fab, so ignore anyone who trys to tell you you don't - they're talking cr*p :)
I can really relate to constantly looking at people's size, I am still struggling to stop myself telling every overweight person I see on the street about LL :D


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Great post Poppy. Got me thinking about all my colleagues who I want to be a similar size to, and about how they might react when I get there. Must have been a lovely feeling realising you were the slimmest one at the party! Rather than being the large one sitting inthe corner near the food table!
Looking fab xx


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It's such a strange time upstairs isn't it - like living in a topsy turvy land.

I've been having the comments about having gone too far..but it is SO good to say, well actually I DON'T want to lose anymore weight!

Plus - as a "slim" person I finally went and got my tattoo done that I had been wanting for two years, but would never have gone to get incase they laughed but now you don't have extra rolls its like HELLO expose the skin! :D


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As someone who is just about to start her LL journey it is fabulous to read posts about what life is like as a slim person - cant wait to get there. I shall eagerly wait until someone tells me I've lost to much weight.
Well done

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