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Lizzy's road to skinnydom

I am going to start a diary on here, hopefully to keep me motivated and on track. I will be starting xenical tomorow and this is the biggest I have ever been after lots of years yo-yo-ing.

I have a four year old daughter and I never lost the baby weight after having her, infact I added to it and then some :eek:
I also have a five month old baby boy. I put about a stone and a half on with him but I lost that quite quick but it's slowly starting to creep back on. Now I've stopped breastfeeding I've decided to give xenical a go.

I have tried ALL the diets over the last couple of years Cambridge, ww, sw, atkins etc. I always manage to lose a stone or more then I plateau and it really demotivates me. So then I come off the diet and it's binge galore because I know I'll probably have to start another diet soon so I eat all the foods I know I can't have on a diet :sigh2: which makes me put on the weight I lost then some more!! Doh!!

I realise that I have to make lifestyle changes to lose the weight and keep it off. I'm hoping that losing weight will give me my confidence back. I'm 24 years old and for the last couple of years I've been hiding in my house, not going out with my friends or doing as much as I would want to with my daughter because I'm embarrassed about my weight and how big I've become. I want my kids to be proud of me and I know I have to set them a good example. Aaaaaaaaanyhoo this is starting to feel like a therapy session lol. I will be posting my food intake and any exercise I do. I'm eager to get started!!!!
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Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi Lizzy and welcome! :D

First of all :hug99: a big one!! Coming from somebody who feels exactly like you do.

We are infact quite similar..i too am 24 (well will be next week) i have 3small children.
Always been overweight, and like you tried all the fad diets that end up making me feel worse!

When you mentioned hiding in your house, it stirred my stomach because i do the same thing. I HATE the thought of being in public, i just feel as if everyone is staring at me, although they probably didnt even notice me lol :eek:
I even do my shopping online! :eek:

So just wanted to say, you are not alone!
you CAN and WILL do it this time..and i only started last week, so we can do it together :D xx
It's horrible being a hermit because of low confidence. We can help each other to become yummy mummys ;) How have you been finding it? Have you had any of the dreaded side affects? xx
Well day one is nearly done and dusted and I'm feeling quite good :) I went food shopping and have become an expert label checker now lol. I'm not working out exactly how much fat is in my meals but I'm making sure the food I eat is 5% fat or less and my meals are definately within the 15g or under rule.

Today I had a late breakfast
2 pieces of wholemeal toast
2 scrapings of bertolli light spread
1 snap pot of heinz reduced sugar and salt beans

I had a pink lady apple as a snack

Lunch was a tuna steak with pasta and a salad of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, coriander and lemon

Dinner was a chicken stir fry with lots and lots of veg and fresh egg noodles with a schezwan sauce. It was yummy :p

I've just had a packet of ryvita minis cream cheese and chive and they were quite nice. I think they would definately satisfy any crisp cravings. They are only 0.9g of fat per packet and 2.9g per 100g

I have had 2 green teas and nearly 2 litres of water. That is what I'm going to try and aim for everyday.

On the exercise front I haven't done any today. That is one of my biggest problems, I am too lazy!! I have bought an exercise bike though and a shake weight, so once the bikes been put up I am going to aim for 15mins a day on the bike and 6mins on the weight to start off with.

Lets hope I feel as good tomorow!!!!
Hey Lizzy
I can definitely relate to everything you have said in your opening page .. I dont know about you but its so nice joining a forum site like this where everyone has the same common goal even though the reasons differ for each and every one of us!

I think if we all keep our minds on the future and try to forget all the bad habits of the past we can ALL do this.

x x x


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hey Lizzie hun

Ive been finding it pretty easy, and im really enjoying cooking new recipes! Thats one thing that im so happy about...imm cooking more.
I have had the dreaded "oil spill" lol I totally overdid it one day on cheese and 1 digestive turned into 8 :eek: and at 3.2g fat per biccy! :eek:
Went loo the next day, and...well lets say i bleached and cleaned the loo bowl twice! :eek::eek:

You're right Lou it's best to look to the future and hopefully leave all our bad eating habits behind us. This site gives me lots of motivation, especially looking at other peoples weight loss journeys because it shows that it can be done.

Frumpytosexy I think the only time I get properly into cooking is when I'm on a diet. When I'm not on a diet I just eat rubbish and have cereal most the time for dinner. I like cooking and I think it's quite satisfying knowing you've made a tasty meal from scratch.

Today has been good but I've had a bit of a snack attack day.

2 wholemeal english muffins
tiny bit of flora lighter than light
sainsburys bgty cottage cheese with pineapple

weight watchers camaralised onion and feta cheese pizza

weight watchers chicken korma
salad-lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, corainder,lemon
wholemeal bread roll

pink lady apple
weight watchers caramel marshmellow wafer
cadburys light chocolate mouse
asda light bakewell cake slice
ben and jerrys phish food frozen yogurt

I think I've overdone it on the snacks today. I didn't have them all at once and they were all in the rules but I think I could have made healthier choices. Maybe some more fruit or veg snacks. The frozen yogurt was yummy but it was a bit sickly. It was veeeeery chocolatey. Sainsburys sell some yummy frozen yogurts and they are much lower in fat than the ben and jerry ones. They're arctic farms frozen yogurt and they have mango and a strawberry and raspberry flavour, they're really creamy and taste like ice cream. They feel less naughty than the ben and jerrys one. Sainsburys have got an offer on the weight watcher ready meals in the fridge section, 2 for £3 they're good on days you can't be bothered to cook.

I've had 3 green teas and 1.5 litres of water.

Today I had a lazy day cooking wise, tomorow I think I'm going to cook a quorn sausage and bean casserole and I'm going to try to have healthier snacks.
Hello and welcome... I too hid away from the world. Hated going out with the kids that I look after (in a Nanny) but now the confidence is coming and also my love to be active. There are days I could just say sod it. but others I do like...
Exercise will help trust me.... so get on that bike. Lol
Kes I think the bikes getting put up tomorow, so my big butt will be on it from then!! It's sad but I'm looking forward to using it but I know when I start I'll prob hate it!

Well today I feel sooooo rough. I went to a family bbq yesterday and it's the first time I've had a proper drinking session in well over a year. I stuck to vodka and diet lemonade but I consumed waaaaaay too much and I've been paying for it today.

Yesterdays food
I was really good even though I went to a bbq and was surrounded by burgers, homemade pies and homemade cakes and stuff. Even when I was really drunk I didn't pick at anything. I took a weight watchers meal with me so I knew I could have a healthy meal.

2 slices wholemeal bread
snap pot of heinz reduced sugar and salt beans

5 small baby new potatoes
5 cherry tomatoes
small corn on the cob
tablespoon of branston pickle
slice of sainsburys ttd cooked chicken breast from packet
small wholemeal roll with weight watchers cheese spread

weight watchers chicken balti
salad-lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lemon
1 weight watchers garic naan

small corn on the cob
asda good for you cherry bakewell slice
small wholemeal tortilla with sainsburys bgty cottage cheese with pineapple

1.5 litres of water, 2 green teas and too much vodka!!

I think I did really well to resist all the yummy food on offer and stick with my curry and I didn't really feel like I was missing out. When I got home I made the cottage cheese wrap and had the bakewell slice so that still felt like a treat. I'm happy in my drunken state I managed to still make healthy food choices. These tablets are really keeping me in check because I am to scared of the side affects to eat naughty foods.

I will post todays food later after I put the kids to bed.
Hi, I've been on Xenical for 5 days now and i weigh 218lb ( well i did on wednesday) today i weight 213lb :) . i Have found that i'm very aware of what i am eating ( very lowfat) because i dont want to do any mistakes in my pants . good luck you will do it :) xxx
Thanks Emmzy. Thats a great loss in five days, I hope I can have a great loss like that in my first week. Thats why I'm too scared to eat bad things because of the "anal leakage" lol.

Todays eating was a bit sparse because of the hangover from hell.

No breakfast
Late lunch
Half a tin of sainsburys bgty morocan inspired chickpea and spinach soup
3 sainsburys bgty rice crackers
1 mini tub of philedelphia extra light cheese
3 slices of asda chargrilled thinly sliced chicken breast

I didn't have dinner. I had some frozen yogurt and a bowl of cereal at 9 o'clock so I took my tablet with that.

asda good for you cherry bakewell slice

I'm feeling a bit run down at the moment, I don't know whether it's the tablets or the cold weather or how much alcohol I drank on Saturday but I feel like I'm getting the flu :( I'm going to buy some multivitamins next time I'm out because the only ones I have are pregnacare and they say to take them with a meal but I'm sure I read somewhere that you shouldn't take the multivitamins within a couple of hours of taking xenical.

Yeserdays food

Green tea before I took my daughter to school
When I got back I had 3 sainsburys bgty ricecrackers
1 mini tub of philidelphia extra light
3 slices of asda chargrilled style thinly sliced chicken
1 activia zero fat yogurt

tin of sainsburys bgty tomato and 3 bean soup
1 small wholemeal wrap
salad-lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lemon

2 quorn sausages
ww carrot and swede mash
onion gravy

1 banana
1 asda light choice cherry bakewell slice

lots of water, 3 green teas and 1 diet coke.

I'm loving weight watchers food at the moment, it's so convenient and it's on offer at alot of places.

I'm going to hook the wii back up this week so I can start wii fit again when I'm feeling a bit better. I'll post todays food later. :)
i take the multibionta immune ones.... they are fab and since i started taking those ive not got a cold (i used to get them every other week) i took them just as i was about to go to sleep along with a green tea tablet (to help the digestive system!)
They sound good Kes, I'll pop to the shops tomorow and pick some up. Anything to avoid the dreaded lurgies that start flying about in the winter.

Today's food

Green tea plus a rice cake with a slice of deli chicken to kickstart my metabolism before I did the school run.

special k with semi skimmed milk

asda good for you jacket potatoes with cheese and chives
salad-lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes with low fat dressing

tin of sainsburys bgty spicy tomato and lentil soup
weight watchers garlic ciabatta
weight watchers belgian chocolate and vanilla mouse

asda good for you cherry bakewell slice
weight watchers caramel marshmellow wafer
1 rice cake with chicken slice

lots of water, 3 green teas

Had a good day foodwise, all my meals have left me satisfied which is good. Hopefully that means my stomach is shrinking if I'm getting full quicker :)
im not sure how the stomach works in regards to shirnkage....

your food does sound yummy though (but at the moment any food is sounding yummy.... lol..
i like the sound of the weight waters marshmellow wafer thing..... hmmmmm
Kes I know what you mean about all food sounding good when you're on cd. I think my own arm looked tasty when I was on that diet!

Today I'm still feeling ill, after I post todays food I'm going to go to bed and get an early night and hopefully tomorow I'll be feeling better.

I made the mistake of having breakfast before I did the school run today and I only managed to eat half my cereal because I got full So come lunchtime I was starving. Tomorow I'm going to do what I did before and just have an apple or ricecake before I go out then have a proper breakfast when I get back.

Todays food

Half a bowl of special k
Semi skimmed milk
green tea

Weight watchers red thai curry and sticky jasmine rice
Small wholemeal roll

4 ricecakes
2 mini tubs philidelphia extra light
roast chicken
sliced cucumber
3 small new potatoes

asda good for you cherry bakewell slice

Lots of water, 2 green teas

Still nothing on the exercise front but I've been feeling really drained recently with this cold. Fingers crossed tomorow I feel better and can start moving my butt more!
Today was weigh in day and I'm down 5lbs yay!! :D Not bad considering I have done zero exercise! My exercise regime will start next week, hopefully this cold will have gone by then.

Todays food

Apple and green tea before the school run

Special k with semi skimmed milk

Jumbo tiger king prawns
Salad-lettuce, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, carrot, red pepper
Dressing-lemon and extra light mayo
2 slices weight watchers bread

Quorn sausage and bean casserole- quorn sausages, shallots, carrots, butternut squash, veg stock, passatta, chopped tomoatoes, mixed beans, potatoes and herbs

philadelphia splendips
frozen yogurt

Lots of water, 2 green teas

Been quite hungry today but I think that's because of totm. Dinner was yummy I'll definately make that again.
drooling over your food! LOL

congrats on the 5lbs! thats fab! esp without exercise!!!!!
well done...

Keep up that hard work!
Congratulations 5lbs is great!! :D
I am drooling over your food as well...looks like you're having some lovely meals, and making the most of what you're 'allowed'...that's half the battle in my opinion - having nice food and making it interesting so you don't get bored or feel deprived.
Thanks guys :) I agree with you Alex, that's why I'm trying to have things I would normally eat but now I just have the low fat version and then I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Today I've had a hungry day, all I've wanted to do is eat. I think it's because of totm and the cold weather doesn't help.

Todays food

Special k with semi skimmed milk

Quorn sausage casserole from yesterday minus the sausages

Jumbo black tiger prawn stir fry with fresh egg noodles and schezwan sauce

philadelphia splendips
sainsburys bgty cereal bar
couple of slices of asda thinly sliced chargrilled chicken
frozen yogurt

Lots of water, 2 green teas

I had breakfast early today because I had to go out and I think thats why I kept getting hungry between meals. I bought some low fat sausages today so I think I'll have a nice cooked breakfast tomorow yum yum!

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