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LL - does it shrink the liver?


Officially a loser
I dont think so, you are getting the RDA so it cant be doing damage to the liver. Also i tried to google this and found nothing so its the first i have heard of this. What made you think this? Other diets can but not this one as far as i know
There are no documented cases or evidence to suggest a VLCD shrinks the liver, but there are numerous examples of the biochemistry and functioning of the liver being improved after a VLCD has been undertaken.

So like so many other things, the liver actually benifits from a VLCD :)
interesting point Pete, I could not find anything to the contrary myself after searching around. Any weight loss is going to ease th burden on your organs so it makes sense.

Ok case closed!


Officially a loser
Here is the last post I put up on the CD thread:

Have just done a google and found this here:

VLCD results in significant related reductions in liver size and liver fat content. This suggests that the reduction in liver volume is due to loss of fat. The reduction in liver fat and volume likely accounts for the perceived improved operability in patients undergoing LAGB.

It would be helpful if any CDCs or LLCs have an inkling, but in the meantime, I'll keep researching.


Officially a loser
Hi again,

I have just re-read this thread and I think you are misunderstanding the motive for my question!

I am not asking if it shrinks the liver for a nefarious reason. I am asking because I am to undergo bariatric surgery soon(ish) and there is a need to shrink the liver beforehand. It will entail some yukky milk/yoghurt only diet for two weeks and rather than that, I'd sooner SS for two weeks as I know I can do that, no problem!

I'm a big supporter of VLCDs having lost 7 stone on LL in 2006.
I dont think it does i certainly have not heard of reducations like that apart from that link.

Now if you think about it an overweight person accumulates fat around the liver more then a slim person, so if the diet reduces the fat around the liver it surely is the excess fat that is supposed to be lost, so in the end the liver looks healthy. Of course that is just a theory at this stage and unfounded i only base that on logic. But any fat loss will result in the same thing.

If the aim is to reduce the liver i dont know what you have to do in that case.
Not sure if you have come across the following link on your google search:
IngentaConnect Change in Liver Size and Fat Content after Treatment with Optifas...

It does seem to suggest that VLCD's can reduce the size of the liver although it is talking about the Optifast diet.....but I would imagine that LL would have the same affect.

Hope you manage to find some more concrete information and good luck if you start LL and even more good luck for your surgery!


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