LL Jan/Feb Magazine is out


Loves VLCD's !
Just picked one up in WH Smith in my lunch break. Seems to have a free supplement for men on LL but haven't looked properly as I am supposed to be working :eek: :)
can never seem to find them locally here, usually need to wait for our LLC to get them which is always a week or 2 after they are for sale!:mad:
thanks for the link DQ, its only showing the last edition though. The list of stockists is handy, but I have previously looked in somerfield and tesco (none of the others close) and only ever once managed to get one. I suspect they only get a small number in maybe...

will have a look tomorrow just in case, otherwise will just have to be patient!

I just bought mine from Sainsbury's.
oooh I just found it in our local co-op!

Normally never see it in there, there was only about 4 copies and I suspect thats all they had!

lucky me.... i was needing a boost too, have picked a little too much of late....