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hi all :D , i received an email today from ll saying i have to go see my doctor and take the ll medical form with me then get my doctor to examine me and then i have to pay my doctor a fee !! i was under the impression that this was all taken care of by LL ! and we got a medical at our class every 4 weeks , was i misinformed ? do we all have to pay our doctors a fee every month on top of what we already pay a month ? any info is much appreciated folk , paul.
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you have to organise your own 28 day check ups, but not all drs charge. (mine didnt )
in my group we are lucky enough to have a practising nurse who will do our bp checks- as none of us are taking prescription meds

dont know if that helps but if you know a practising nurse they could do your check for you?


My LLC and the handbook says medical checkup every 28 days (so bascially once a month) and some doctors do charge for it, at least to fill out the form they do. Mine cost £25 for the first one, I don't know what the next one will cost.

Apparantly you can get a nurse to do it instead of a Doc, might cost less that way but I don't know.


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My doctors didn't charge for the initial medical, but my LLC said I just need to go to the chemists every month to have my blood pressure checked as I have no medical conditions that need medication. Basically I'm as fit as a fiddle......ha ha ha..... apart from the weight I'm lugging around with me lol.
Hi, Have been on LL for 6 weeks now, and just wanted to let you know that you can go to the Pharmacy for your 4 week Medical Check. They don't charge...and my Counsellor said that was fine! Hope that helps!


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yeah alot of the poeple in my group go to a lloyds chemist my docs dont charge for the check up but i usually just see the nurse


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I have my asthma nurse do mine. She does them for free. There may be a nurse practitioner at your local surgery who will also do it for free. If not, your LLC should be able to recommend a pharmasist!

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I had my first check up with the nurse at my local doctors and she didnt charge me. We also have a nurse at our LL who helps out the LLC and she will do it but only if you are not taking any medications or have health problems.