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LL office closed


The LL office in the area in which I live has closed unexpectedly - we are all in shock!!! There was no warning and no preparation so we are all feeling really upset.

I have e-mailed the LL office (I know of at least two other people who have done the same) on two occasions so far asking what they propose to do for those of us left in the lurch but so far no solution has been offered.

I have checked the internet and in order to get to the next nearest LL group I would need to make a 4 hour round trip with additional expense so that is not an option for me.

I have also contacted the CD counsellor locally asking for some information on what they can offer. I have yet to hear back from him.

My packs have almost run out now and while I had only intended to stay on SS for another two weeks or so I am extremely upset as I had fully intended to do Managment.

In the abscence of any response from LL head office I am considering trying to pace my packs by substituting other low carb foods namely those from the Atkins range.

Does anyone know if the Atkins low carb bars are compatible with the LL packs i.e. is the composition likely militate against the effectivness of the diet? I don't want to be wasting my time - better 4 days of pure LL packs that will work in terms of weight loss rather than 8 days of deprivation for very little pay off.

All suggestions welcomed but I will re-iterate that I have neither the time nor the money to make my way to the next nearest LL group.

Thanks in anticipation.
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Hi- I have done Atkins in the past and used their products- be really careful with the bars 1) if you are at all sensitive to staying in ketosis they can knock you out 2) more than one a day will make you run to the toilet and 3) they don't have the RDA of the LL or CD products so you could lose out on vitamins and minerals. I would say one a day max- they have slightly more calories than an LL bar. You could try something else though- you could look at the CD AAM or 790 plans and possibly substitute the food element for one of your packs to help them last a bit longer. You will have a small amount of protein and veg, and about the same calories as 4 lighter life packs- this would save you a pack a day. BUT I would much rather LL got in touch with you and sorted it out!


The Diet Guy
Atkins is not compatible with any VLCD.

If you call 0800 161412 and ask for all your local Cambridge counsellors as I am sure there is more than 1 person in your area, the website shows some counsellors but not all of them.

Then give your Cambridge counsellors a call and explain the situation and I am sure one of them can help you out.

Thats dire for you...was there no warning even? While appreciating that people may have crisis etc I thought thats why LLC's had locums? I think if LL cant offer an alternative then you really have no choice but to go to CD which would be a shame in terms for having signed up for the LL process. Guttingfor you & I hope you resolve this. Big hugs...
Have you tried calling LL head office? They were really good with me when I had major issues with the old LLC in York. Luckily there was another setting up at the same time so was not a problem.

Worth asking where other LLC are as the letter that came from Head office to say where the nearest ones where failed to show up two in Harrogate but gave us Beverley, Leeds and somewhere on the coast. Harrogate is nearer than Beverley and also as close as Leeds.

Worth checking as they may not know the geography very well.

It is a nightmare changing LLC I speak from experience very unsettling for a few weeks.

Hope you get something sorted.



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Hiya FP

Have you tried ringing head office 0800 2 988 988 as well as emailing? You never know there may be another Counsellor closer to you...

Hope you get things sorted soon
Thanks Chaps,

I will try ringing LL tomorrow as they have yet to respond to my most recent e-mail. They did acknowledge my initial query yesterday but then failed to come back to me when I e-mailed again. Not very good, is it?

I have also e-mailed the CD counsellor in the region (I also rang but got a answerphone - I didn't want to leave a message) and he has yet to respond. I'm not doing very well, am I?! I will do as Ice Moose suggests and ring the number provided in the morning.

Regarding the Atkins bars I checked the content when I was in Boots and can see that some of them have about 34 more calories than the LL bars but the overall carb content is lower. If this is the case, how then can they be more likely to interfere with ketosis?

Atkins bars are not my preference by any means but as I see my supply of LL packs/bars dwindle I am getting very nervous and need to know that I have something to tide me over.


The Diet Guy
The problem is the atkins bars don't contain the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals etc that the VLCD bars do contain. Anyway good luck on the phone in the morning! Am sure you will get it sorted.

Hi- they contain malatol, which is a replacement which is supposed to be carb free, but can effect ketosis- there are some articles on the web on it. Its a sugar replacement I think?
Thanks Ice Moose and Hippoellie

I am trying to remain calm but if tomorrow doesn't produce some results I will have to dig out my Scarsdale book.

I have the wedding in less than a month and I am really starting to panic. I am not worried about over eating but I know that nothing other than the LL packs will produce the rapid weight loss I need.

I must say that I was really peeved when I made the trip to the LL office before it closed today (someone tipped me off that the locum would be there) in the hopes of getting some packs only to find that they were almost all gone - what was left had been 'ear-marked' for other people (what made them so special?)and some people were buying between £500/£600 worth in one go - they were struggling to their cars with the stuff while I stood there begging for a few measly packs and bars!!!

I must say that I genuinely think that LL is the best diet ever but there are some real issues with how they manage the business side of things. I had to endure a very poor counsellor, chaotic 'group work' sessions and a limited supply of options when it came to packs and now I and the rest of those in this area have been dumped before we have completed our programme.

Where is the LL head office and why hasn't anyone there responded to my requests for assistance :confused:? Surely they will have our personal details on file and it wouldn't hurt them to make direct contact with each one of us to up date us on the situation and how they propose to help us resolve the problem.

Life just aint fair and it seems that LL head office isn't either! :sigh:

Will keep you posted.


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I really feel for you FP, I hope the Head Office gets back to you soon. In the meantime have you thought about buying some extra packs from Ebay, just to tide you over until HO sort something out for you? If you are going into management shortly the least they can do for you is provide a pack containing all the information that you need to continue on your own - if you feel happy to do so that is but at least you would have the info to work through even if you do decide to do CD in the end.

Let us know what happens. What a nightmare.


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I have to say I wouldn't recommend buying packs off eBay - you have no idea if they have been tampered with or anything like that. I really hope LL HQ get back to you quickly and/or you find a CDC but I seriously wouldn't recommend eBay - sorry.

I would really call LL HO they may not be totally aware of teh situation they werent when York closed. I found them very helpful and they came up with some answers there and then.

At the end of the day they dont want bad publicity threaten to go to the press that would get things moving.

Yes it isnt good not responding to emails but I wonder how many they get in a day. If you call they have to answer the phone and I found them to be very helpful and understanding

They wont be happy that people were bulk buying stock either as this is what the LLC in York (old) was doing and saying we could continue the programme alone. This is not what you are paying for you are paying for the counselling too.

Hope you get somewhere today but call it is a freephone number afterall



The Diet Guy
Much relief!!

Hi Chaps,

I have just received a letter from LL head office to advise that they are aware of the problems with our LLC and are taking stelp to rectify the situation. They say that they intend to make an alternative counsellor and venue available to us from August.

They have also agreed to sell us the packs direct should we need them before the scheduled first meeting with the new LLC. One slight drawback - the weekly supply will still cost £66 inspite of the fact there will be no meetings etc for a couple of weeks - they say that they can't offer the packs any cheaper (bit odd that but I am not complaining as I am so grateful to be able to get them)

So I am hugely relieved!!!

Thanks for all of your helpful advice and suggestions.


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So glad you've had a resolution.

Because I've done so badly getting all the packs down me I've got about 150 at home if anything went wrong!



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Glad HQ have been so helpful and things are resolved.


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thats just plain wrong. of course they can sell them cheaper. i'd do CD for a couple of week until LL sort themselves out. good luck tho xxx


has started again!!
Bit naughty I think, charging you the full £66, as I thought the bigger amount (compared to CD) was to include counselling, and as you wont be getting it.....

If you are stuck I have quite a few packs from days when I have not managed them all. PM me if you need them.....

All the best!

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