LL savoury drink on CD?


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Does anyone know can I use up my leftover LL savoury drinks now that I've started on CD? They contain salt which I understand I'm not supposed to have on this program. My CDC said they would be OK but would like to double check this.
Hmmm - personally, I wouldn't use the LL savoury drinks on CD as they're 22% salt which encourages water retention - the bane of my life!!!

CD do a Savoury Vegetable drink which is much less salty (it's not to my taste cos I loved the LL one and Marigold Bouillon which I used instead cos it was cheaper - but it's a good alternative.
Thanks Isobel, I have just checked my stocks and only have couple left so will prob use them til I see my CDC on Weds. Shocker that they are that high in salt though!
Ah well - I'm sure a couple won't do much damage, hun. Just make sure you drink lots of water to flush out the salt and you'll be fine!