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I've been on LL since October and lost about 5 stone. I am finding it really difficult at the moment - both financially and the ss'ing. I'm tempted to go over to CD and see if the change won't help with a fresh start and clean slate. In terms of the counselling it feels as though I now have the building blocks, I just have to think and take time out before I shove something in my mouth and keep on keeping my journal.

Has anyone made the move? It is quite a bit cheaper isn't it? Is the support there if you need it? Most of the time I feel pretty self sufficient.

Any advice folks?

Ps I still have about 25 kgs to lose or nearly 4 stone. Aaargh!
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Hi Gemma, its a lot cheaper than LL!! Average of about 33 - 35 pounds for a week supply if under 5ft 8, the price does vary slightly but not by much, there is a lot of choice of flavours as well. I havent switched plans but looked into LL and the cost put me off. Im sure if you switch you will be fine and definately have a bit of spare cash for those new slimmer clothes!! Sarahxx.


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I switched from LL to CD and finished my journey.

It is nice to swap as the new flavours give you a new boost to your diet and the bars are lovely.

If you are sure you don't need the formal counselling element of LL then you could save money and still be slim.

Thank you for the info.

Why only three packs a day? I see from the CD website that you are only meant to sole source for 4 weeks at a time? Can you elect to sole source for longer?
Hi I am currently on LL foundation, LL has been great to me because I have lost weight fast, however it is a big financial burden and time consuming as I have to travel 100 miles round trip. I have a CD counsellor on my doorstep and have already booked my first appointment for April. My foundation will almost be finished then and I cannot wait to change to CD and try the more varied flavours and ready mixed shakes. The counselling I received in Foundation is great, but do not feel as though they can tell me anything else during development, so I am raring to go CD from April! Angela x
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I switched from LL to CD at end of first week and I think CD is much better value for money- you get the same nutrients as you do on LL but only have to fit in 3 packs a day to do it. You don't need (generally) your GPs permission, if you want to skip AAM week you need your GPs consent- like you do with LL- where u have to see your GP every 4 weeks. This is not necessary if you do AAM, and its such a small amount that its not really a meal as such!

I wouldnt go back to LL as CD I feel is nicer (more choice of flavours) and my CDC is much better than my LLC was!!

Hope this helps


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A friend of mine is on LL and we have been compaing notes:-

:) Cambridge is much cheaper, I pay £44 for a weeks shakes (I have 4 a day as I am 5ft 9in) she pays £66
:) Cambridge has a greater variety of flavours
:)LL offers a counselling package but my friend finds this tedious, time consuming and of little use.
:) Her losses seem similar to those on Cambridge

Conclusion - She is seriously considering changing to Cambridge whilst I am happy staying put - with CD of course:D

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Hi Mac 79
I have completed LL foundation and then went to development, but decided it wasnt for me and swapped to Cd last week. I have absolutely no regrets , (except not doing it weeks ago!)
The flavours are great, taste better and more choice, the bars are divine, mix a mousse a delicious change, and fibre 89 good too, and all much cheaper! My CDC is great, I get a one to one with her , she has time for me, as there is no one waiting outside the door to go in, and has measured , weighed and photographed me, and given me my information books and record card. She is available to ask questions, just the same as on LL, only difference is no group counselling sessions. Now you may have been lucky , but I found counselling was a bit hit and miss, and we didnt always get it, so it all depends on how much you get out of it personally. I like you have quite a bit stil to lose, and I knew that personally I would have found the changing faces every few weeks in development distracting not supportive and felt I had had enough.
P M me if you want to know more, I am very happy to help.
I started off on CD then changed to LL. I know there are fantastic CD counsellors out there but mine was rubbish. She literally weighed me and gave me the packs then sent me on my way. She didnt actually know what she was talking about and got the science of it all wrong, which was very off putting. I didnt like the shakes on CD but like the ones of LL and i found the CD bars absolutely disgusting and hated their texture. i find that couselling and group support of LL a real life line. I also feel that 4 packs a day works better for me than 3 (CD) but each of the diets is good.
It sure is horses for courses.

Good luck to all those who have swapped and prefer CD.

I will be sticking with LL. I bought some CD bars off someone on another forum who was giving up VLCDs because I wanted to see what everyone raved about. I had to throw the one I nibbled on last night away! YUK!

At least I now feel happy to stick with my decision.

No disrespect to those of you who love the CD bars! It is all down to personal tastes. I like all the LL packs except Caramel and Raspberrey - so I have a large choice with LL of things I enjoy.
Thank you for the info.

Why only three packs a day? I see from the CD website that you are only meant to sole source for 4 weeks at a time? Can you elect to sole source for longer?
You do Sole Source for 4 weeks then do Add A Meal for 7 days then go back to Sole Souce.

Add a Meal is as follows -

AAM is add a meal and it's supposed to be in your 5th week for 1 week only. You then...depending on your BMI or what you want to do you either go back to SS for another 4 weeks or on to 790.

You have all your packs as normal and on top of that you have a small meal consisting of.....


11g/4oz cottage cheese (reduced fat)
50g/2oz chicken or turkey breast without skin
80g/3oz cod, haddock or other white fish
80g/3oz quorn
60g/2.5oz soft tofu opr 120g(5oz) firm tofu



2 tablespoons of one of the following...

green salad leaves eg. roquette, lambs lettuce watercress, raddiccio, little gem/romain lettuces.

celery, cucumber or red raddishes

courgettes or marrow

broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage including pickled cabbage.

spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops

asparagus, fennel and celeriac

chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or chinese cabbage.

don't add salt or fat but add herbs and bit of stock if you want.

I have just done Sole Source CD for four weeks and have lost 32lbs in that time. I am now on the AAMW.

I can highly recommend Cambridge.