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LL Versus CD

I am deliberating between the two and would like to hear all your opinions. I have been to see the LL counsellor and a group starts on 19th Nov and spoken to CD counsellor on phone and going to see her probably next week. The forums have given me a good insight into the diets and there are great inspirations in both, Blond Logic and Round Rachel have helped answering my questions so far but I am still undecided.

I go to a lady who does reflexology and although she is a trained counsellor I hadn`t used her for that, but spoke to her last night and although it wasn`t intended to be a session some of the questions she asked me opened up a lot of emotion, so if I went the CD route I would go to her for the counselling part.

Any advice appreciated.

Confused Pammiedoll
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The CD lady sounds great, in your case I would meet both and see which one you think you would get on best with.

Good luck let us know what you decide.
I tried CD but had a lot more problems - never made it past day 5 on my three attempts because of the side effects. Not sure if that's because it's lower calorie (only slightly though), psychologically because of having 3 instead of 4 packs or what.

LL - I like the counselling (in and out for CD), the structure, meeting other people and hearing their experiences.

Financially, I wish CD had been easier!
Thanks guys

I must admit, LL is coming out on top. The only thing is on CD you can do a programme where you do eat a meal once a day, admittedly only about 200cals but thought it might help. I have about 10st to looses and it`s scaring me to think I would not be eating food for a good while.

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Hi, have you thought about W8 - another VLCD or LCD with food?

We get 4 mealpacks a day - or there are various other programmes which add food at different times (some each day, some only on weekends, etc)

Their website is www.allaboutw8.co.uk if you want to have a look. I think pricewise its between CD and LL at £49 per week. There is the option to attend classes (if there is a consultant in your area) or do it alone online.

I personally didn't think I needed the counselling aspect of LL so didn't want to pay for it - although from a lot of the posts on here, it is invaluable if you feel you would benefit from it. It sounds from your previous post that the counselling might really support you.

Just a thought and another option.

LRO xx
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Thanks guys

I must admit, LL is coming out on top. The only thing is on CD you can do a programme where you do eat a meal once a day, admittedly only about 200cals but thought it might help. I have about 10st to looses and it`s scaring me to think I would not be eating food for a good while.

Speaaking for myself - if I had one meal a day while on the plan, I know, without a doub I would not have made my goal. ANd I too had a goal of 10 stone. (revised it to 9.5 as it became clear 10 was too far) But, It would have been far too difficult.

Being in ketosis, removes hunger - for me it was as if someone turned the switch off. So while food looked and smelled nice - I had no desire to eat it. A few rough days early on, but very few.

One meal aday would have been a ticket to self-sabatoge (me: "oh, if I jut put a little bit more on my plate tonite - I will put less on tomorrow",but tomorrow would be the same as the day before, etc.)

It works for some - just depends on your discipline and self control I belive.

Let us kow what you decide!

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I think it depends on whether you are an emotional eater or not. LL is more expensive because of the group sessions and the help it gives you on examining why you eat etc. Well worth paying for if you think you would benefit from it. If not, and you just want a straight vlcd, then yes, CD is good and it is cheaper.

And yes, also, you need to decide if you are an all or nothing eater. You have to treat the meal on SS+ has diet food, that is selected from a very small list and measured, it is not a free for all to eat and if you don't think you would be able to stop after a small meal, and would keep picking, then SS+ is not for you and you might be better Sole Sourcing.

Good luck
Hi, what are the differences between LL and CD cals and carbs wise. Does anyone know which is meant to have the best WL?
Thanks guys,

It`s a pity you can`t combine both. I know what BL says is sooo true and I think I too could fall into that trap, but on the other hand if I were able to eat, all be it restricted, when out socially I would feel happier as I don`t think I am strong enough to eat only shakes in front of other people for fear of being judged. I feel very self consious when out as I had lost six 1/2 stones and put it all back on again over the last 4 yrs.

Am meeting with my independent counsellor on wed so hopefully after weighing things up with her I will know what I am going to do.

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Hi pammiedoll I haven't started either yet but I have gone for ll as I think if I had the option of food I'd fail badly. Anyway good luck with whatever dhoice you make :).

Emma xXx


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LL have bars which are really handy for on the go but you can only have 1 a day. The shakes are best mixed with a blender to be honest, I can bare them if they are mixed with a fork or spoon, too lumpy! After the first few weeks you will be amazed at how long you can go without having a pack I went from 8am until 8pm yesterday without anything, I wasn't hungry at all. I know that if I had to have 1 meal a day I would fail, LL is perfect for me cause all i can have is my 4 packs and thats it! There is no grey areas.

Let us know what you decide!
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I tried CD 3 years ago and lost 2 stone but I really need the support that LL offers. My CDC wasn't really interested in any problems so hence I failed.
I know there are lots of really good CDCs out there but at the time she was the only one in my area.


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My friend came to see me last night and she is quite keen on doing LL but can't really afford the £66 a week. Is this Cambridge Diet a good alternative if she wants a cheaper option?

B x
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It's nearly half the price so is a good alternative. I just had a bad experience.
Bekimo you can give your friend lots of support as you both will be doing vlcd's
Am making progress with the big decission, have a docs appointment next week to sign form which I have from LL, had spoken to CDC a week ago and she said I would need to get a doc`s signature before doing CD and she would send me the form, nothing through yet which isn`t a good sign.



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Having tried Lipotrim and CD I am now attempting W8. I also have 10 stone to lose, and I like the fact with W8 you have 4 shakes/bars/ mealpaks, and that I can do the weekend plan on weekends I have other commitments if I feel I need to - the pressure of disclosing the diet has gone. The food choice for the weekend plan is great, loads of veg and small amounts of protein. I found LT and CD fine during the week, but always caved in at the weekend. Now, because I can have a meal if I want to I won't - how contrary is that! The self help pack with W8 is really useful too, I'm making sure I complete all the tasks, however difficult.
At the end of the day, it is really up to you, it sounds like you are carefully exploring all options, whatever is best for you is the best diet:)

Good luck :)
Hi there. I agree with BL on this one. I'd never have lost the weight I have had I been allowed to eat anything. I'm an emothinal eater and have struggled with eating disorders in the past. Thankfully I'm over them now but LL is a diet that has given me the opportunity not to use food to beat myself up. I think it's why I've been so happy while I've been doing it. And it's not just because the weight has dropped off me!
It's a personal choice and obviously, a financial one too. But taking away the option of eating is what makes LL so easy for people like me I think.
It's just the RTM bit that's the real challenge (now on week 3!)
Good luck whatever you decided to do :)
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I don't know whether to do CD for a few weeks until I get a start date from my LLC. It's looking as though it will be after Xmas before I will get to start LL. At least doing CD for a while the weight will be coming off faster than it is now.

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