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LMAO ... Had to share ....

I have got the most amazing best mate ... truly i have. She has supported me from day one on this diet, trying to understand what i can and can`t have, and happily tucking into SW chips/wedges with me.

She has given me so much encouragement when i text her a piccy message of the lastest digital scales reading (yes i`m a scale-a-holic and a sneeky peeker) and she tells me how proud she is of me. She went out of her way to find me some cadburys light choccy mousses (only 3 syns) ... and her mum, bless her heart, has just found a multi-pack of Time Outs and bought me them, only 8.5syns for both bars *yum* ... (we have a Time Out shortage here in Lincs lol) ........

I was chatting to her on the phone yesterday, and she was saying how well i was doing ... and that i`ll be at target before i know it (i`m hoping before xmas) .... and then she says to me ... totally seriously ...

"and when you get to target i`m taking you to Pizza Hut and were having the all you can eat buffet lunch ..... and we`re having a pudding"

ROFLMFAO ...... She is just the bestest mate ever .... luv her to bits and wouldn`t change her for the world :D
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A happy downward spiral
That is so SO nice.
I moved just over a year ago and have found it hard to keep in touch with my best friend and I miss her so much.
Feel like weve grown apart. =(

Thats so so sweet of her!
Yes you have to laugh at the good intent. I've decided to lose weight in time for Florida (May 1st 2011).

Everyone says you must be looking forward to them huge portions and all that goes with it over there!

As I say, you gotta laugh:p


Just doing it this time
thats a lovely post - thanks for sharing your best mate with us - IYKWIM.

I miss my best mate - we grew apart when I had kids and she didn't (23 years) - she's become pretty important in her job and I haven't - we are back in touch 'sort of' - she was a great mate and I wish we had what we had.
Brilliant, everyone needs someone rooting for them and a lot of times we share the stories of the jealous saboteurs who are scared that we'll change and make them less important, so it is great to see that your bezzie is the tops! Tell her she gets an honorary SotW sparkly sticker from us at MiniMins :D
Awww bless her, I think support from our friends is sooooo important :) I am doing this with my friend who has already lost a stone and a half and when I was having a crappy week she really talked me round! She also really helps me focus on why I am doing this :)

(I am so craving cookiedough from pizzahut lol)


I will achieve 10 stone!!
Sounds good to me. I would love a huge blow out as an award for reaching target. As long as the day after you go about your normal eating habits it will be fine!!! Enjoy!
Thanks Guys ... she is ace, i feel dead lucky to have her as a mate :) ..... Also reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly looking forwards to reaching target now .... LMAO !!!

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