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Locked in an argument with my adiponectin

I have been on this calorie counted diet since the end of July and have not gone over my allowance once! Losing weight slowly but as well as I was expecting...

Today for some reason my emptying fat cells have started a revolution, and are sending out adiponectin to make me hungry (as in completely and desperately starving) and fool me into thinking I suddenly need more food today than the amount that has kept me going reasonably contentedly for the last 3 months.

I have taken the emergency measure of eating a large plate of microwaved cabbage, which did actually make me feel quite overstuffed... for about 10 minutes till my fat cells worked out there was almost no calories in it! Now I am starving hungry again.

What to do? Shall I "just say no"?
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I dont really know what to suggest, I just drink a couple of big glasses of water if I feel hungry and try to get an early night!

Hope the hunger passes soon!
Lol, well what I did as an emergency measure was had a pack of Weightwatchers cornchips and jumped on my exercise cycle till it told me I'd worked that number of calories lol!

But something is "going on" in my body. My fat percentage has suddenly dropped by 1.3% in two days without me losing any weight. With any luck I've put on some muscle, and that's why I'm hungrier...


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How do you measure your fat percent?
I've got a set of Omron bathroom scales that do it. There are two pairs of electrodes on the platform and you hold sort of "handlebars" in your hands and it passes an electric current through you. I think it measures the resistance, and works it out like that.


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Thats amazing! Might have to invest in some of them! haha although I would be using them so much my hair would be standing on end within a week of having them!

Sounds very interesting though!

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