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Long way to go..


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Hiya Sappho!

I have a lot to lose too :eek: and thinking about all the weight I have to lose really depresses me (see my thread):rolleyes: But the girls on here have been fantastci and now I think in terms of mini goal that I can achieve in 1 month instead of thinking about all the stones I need to get rid off. :D

having said that, I am already 1 stone down :D Me!:eek: So really, anybody can do it :D

Good luck Sappho on your journey to slimville :p
Hi Sappho
Welcome! :)
You are NOT ALONE! There are a fair few of us with several stones to lose - makes a nice change from going to a slimming club and being surrounded by skinnies who have all of SIX POUNDS to lose, doesn't it!! :D
And there are lots of peeps on here who have succeeded and lost dramatic amounts of weight- IT'S FAB!
I look forward to hearing how you're getting on.. Good Luck!
Hi sappho,
best of luck reaching your goals.
Wow Bex thats amazing, well done you! Does give me inspiration! It is nice to know I am not alone in this, it can be hard when I think of the distance but I guess if I just take it day by day it will get less and less. Lost 19lbs so far (started 2 weeks ago) so that is a good start!

Thanks guys, Will keep you posted :)
Hi Sappho

Welcome to the boards. You'll get lots of support here from people who know what it's like to have LOTS of weight to lose. I needed to lose 12st at my heaviest (still got around 7 to go).

Just remember to keep your goals small and achieveable (just keep your ultimate goal at the back of your mind, bubbling away). I restarted on Jan 5th and made my first goal to lose 10% of my body weight ... just 10lb to get there ... then I'll set the next 10%.

Also remember that EVERY loss, no matter how small, COUNTS and when added together make a real difference.

Good luck!
Thank you, thats really good advice. My first goal is to drop 3 dress sizes, I have done one already so we are getting there! Weigh in tommorrow so we will see how it goes. Felt really hungry this weekend though!:banghead:


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I set mini targets but I don't set deadlines, I find deadlines off putting! My last target was to make the 4 stone mark which I did last week. My next one is to go under 20 stone for the first time in eons! I'm 20 stone 3lbs at the moment so not to far to go. I find the mini targets keep me focused and don't make me feel to overwhelmed at the bigger picture ;) Once I've achieved the 20 stone target, then it's on to the 5 stone mark :cool:
Only 3lb to go, well done you and fingers crossed for your next weigh in. I think that sounds like a good target aswell as I have 6lbs to go before I hit that!

Wherebouts r u in suffolk?
Do you go during the day? Have you heard about that new Gymophobics gym in bury - I went in and they were playing good old girly tunes so I had to join but now I am a little scared!!

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