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look like a heroin addict !!

was what my mum and dad said to me earlier !! :mad: oh and i apparently look like a skeleton and my dad says that i am doing a bonnie, i asked him why he said that and he said i look drawn etc...like his dog 'bonnie' that is dying of cancer. i said i would rather look like this then be 18 stone again and he told me that i wouldn't ! who does he think he is? i am about ready to stop talking to them full stop grrrrrrr:cry:

why cant people just be happy for me? i got loads of funny looks at the school today aswell....:sigh: with one person saying 'wow you look great' the rest were just giving sly little looks

pi*!es me off ! sorry just had to get that off my chest....
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:D I know how you feel, i went from 17 stone to 13 in 3 months, all my work mates told me they thought i had aids or something cos they had only ever seen me big :D


Finally a size 12!
Oh hun i get it i get called lollypop head!! Im a size 12!!!! AHHHHHHHHH my BMI isnt even out of the overweight phaze yet! I just smile and let it go over my head x
It diesn't matter what others think the only opion that matters is yours. If you are happy with your new slim life then that is all that matters. I bet you feel better than you ever have, some people just dont like change and they are afraid of it and lash out in the only way they can. If you are happy how you are that is all that matters and your parent should be happy as you are happy, but if they cat be then dont worry about it you move on with your life in the way you want it is your life, cheer up you have done a wonderful job of losing the weight and now you have a new lease of life. I hope i didn't ge to personnel but i had problems with my father who loved to drag people down to make himself feel better. Keep up the good work


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congratulations and well done on your loss!

unfortunately those closest to us can also be our worst critics...it must be tough not having more supportive parents...

now that u have lost the weight -- u r healthier and can live longer! wouldnt they want that???

chin up!


I will do this!!!
Are you happy?? coz thats all that matters! Well done on your loss :)


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hun dont worry about the what people say it is your oppion that matters. you are happy and now you walk down the road with confidence hun. i am not surprised you are p***ed off i think i would be too.you have friends here who think you look great and the main thing is you ARE happy!! keep ya chin up and we are here for you. xxx


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Gosh Nicki, they sound so unhelpful, maybe it is just the shock of seeing you so much smaller than you were. I think sometimes people don't realise the impact of what they say.

I don't know you at all but what I see is a woman who is an inspiration and I am glad you are here. :D
Nicki hun dont let em get you down you'v achieved so much. I have made a big deal of telling people i'm on lt well friends and family anyway because the village i am from and brought up in is a run down village lots of druggies there etc and because i visit my family there on a weekend i didn't want people to think "shes lost a lot of weight she must be on drugs" and thats what they automatically think when someone loses weight i'm not saying thats what your parents think they obviously know about lt. I just dont think you should let them get you down hun. Only you knows how you felt when you were big and how you feel now is i bet 1000% better aww hun i really do feel for you its not something that you want to hear after losing al that weight you want possitive comments like "you look fab" (which you do). A nd negative comments are just gonna put you on a downer and make you feel like **** if you let them bother you. Have a word with your parents and tell them how you felt before and how you feel now make them listen and understand xx
Dont you worry yourself about what others say,its what makes you happy that counts, I bet you look awesome babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Awww Nicki, so sorry they're being negative after all your hard work to look fab.
Parents sometimes say the stupidest things out of fear. They obviously got a shock and when you love someone, I suppose, to see them lose mega amounts of weight would be an awful worry.
YOU know that you've done the right thing and they'll get used to the new you soon. Keep your chin up love. xx
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Sorry to hear that - your BMI is healthy and you are now looking to maintain that healthy weight. Maybe when they see you are happy being this weight and you stay happy this weight they will come around.

Be strong - you are doing this for you x

Carol x


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I know that you think that your family are getting at you but it could be out of genuine concern - you've lost alot of weight and they wouldn't like to see you go too far and become anorexic.

From your stats you are at a healthy bmi (not sure how tall you are) now but you've lost 8 stone in 5 months, which is a hell of a lot. Try and give them a break, you're just going back onto 'proper eating', if they see you maintaining a healthy weight whilst eating it may put their minds at rest.
aww nicki its a shame that they cant support you and be happy for you that you have achieved something that important for you and good for your health. be proud of yourself and be happy :)


nearly there!! :)
in my opinion u look fab and dont look gaunt or anything. unfortunately they didnt choose nice words but i would say they are just scared incase u go too far. arm them with all the info about ur refeed etc and show them ur now gonnaa maintain etc.

after u have forgiven them that is ;) u have done fab dont let any get u down xxx
Nicki I know exactly what you mean, you can see by my ticker how mush I have lost and how much I want to lose, but today every one told me I looked miserable grrr I think its just the clothes that are too baggy for me at the moment I need to get some new work clothes cause if someone else tells me to start eating I Will Ill Bite Their Head Off.
Ps Congrats on the Loss all the worry for nothing.


Says it as it is!!!
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All i will say is FOOK EM ...if they are saying that they arent worth it!
Don't lat your parent's drag you down. You done so well with your wheightlos. I get this every day at work. They said I looked ill, my skin looked yellow(it doesn't), and so on. Green eyed monsters. But as someone else said, they just might be worried about you.

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