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Looking for a dieting buddy...

OK here's the story: I'm Lizzie, I'm 20 in April and I"ve decided I want to reach my 20s slimmer and stay that way!

I'm currently 10 stone 10, pretty much the heaviest I've been, and at only 5 foot 3, that makes me quite rounded! My BMI is now officially in the overweight category, and it's scared me!

I managed to slim down to about 9 and a half stone before I came to university, but still wasn't happy about my weight- but somehow put all the weight back on.

I carry most of the weight arround my stomach - and I have extremely weak stomach and core strength muscles due to a back injury years ago (it's all better now, but a year of a pulled out back ruined the muscles!)

I'm aiming to lose weight at around 2lbs a week, and therefore hopefully lose a stone in 7 weeks....

Anyone want to help?

Looking forward to talking to you all!

Lizzie xx
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Hi mate...we are all your dieting buddies on here:happy036:

pick a weigh in day, start a thread, and down you go :D


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hi, yeah were all buddies on here, even tough i don't post much, i'm always reading the threads.
anyway if you want someone who is going to motivate you, praise you when you do well, and try and keep you focused then i will try my best as long as you do the same for me.
i have about 2 stone to loose, and want to do it in 6 weeks time.
so what do you say?
That's sort of what I want to do too so...why not!


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cool, so how have you been doing?,
what diet are you on?
what exercise have you been doing?
and how do you feel mentally ... still reved yup and keen to sticking o your goals?
Wow. I just weighed myself and I've lost 3lbs!! Feeling a bit encouraged now, thought I'd been really bad! I'm on a general eating less plan...I've pretty much completely cut out sugar and high fat foods and I've been eating mainly fresh things. Also virtually cut out meat (party due to cost and partly weight!) - been substituting it for beans etc.

Still feeling pretty revved up - surprising amount of energy. More, in fact....weird! How about you? x


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wow great, 3lb, that's fantastic!
and i know what you mean about cutting the sugar. I really want to see if i can cut sugar out of my diet all together for 6 months. (i know i'm addicted to it... and it's substitute.
think this weekend i will go hard core, and start the sugar countdown.
i know if i did that and drank more water i would loose absolutely loads of weight.
i'm trying to do a mixture of very low calorie eating, and upping my excercise a little (wii fit, i know not fantastic but better than nothing, plus it's fun.)
i guess my main aims as well is to reduce the size of my hips and waist.
i'm still revved up especially when i come on this site, and the fact that i can go on it throughout the day.
i have my good days and bad days but recently it is becoming a way of life now, (eating that bit more better than before).

anyway i have lost a puod in weight (not fantastic but still in the right direction.)
next goal i hope will be 4 lb by next week friday.

(got to try and remember my ticker factory password so i can update)
Well I lost one lb in the first week...then another two since tuesday. Although I just had a vegetable pie, whoops...at least I passed on mash and didn't eat the whole of the pastry...still, not going to dwell on it, and if I'm hungry later I'll have some celery or something.

I'm completely addicted to sugar too - I've pretty much gone cold turkey though! Replaced it a bit with a starbucks sugar free skinny vanilla latte (bit of a mouthful, but it's my treat/thing to keep me going each day) - but hopefully I'll cut those out gradually too. I'm just slowly reducing calories, don't want to suddenly be eating nothing..!


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sorry not posted, have had a crazy weekend, organising my boyfriends birthday fun and games (went clay pigeon shooting and to the dogs). was doing really good until today when our friends took us out for a meal, and that was my down fall this week, but not gonna beat myself up, gonna get up early and do some more excercise. trying not be to on the scales every few days, as i want a week to week reading. think i will be extra on top of my game this week, and see if i can step up the game a little.
from friday 25th it will be game on... no slip ups at all. (gonna really go for it including the sugar debate ....only problem is what to drink?? (ok i know water is good, but i guess i better get to learn to like it alot ha ha ha haaaa).

anyway enough about me how about you? what have your goals been this weekend, have you had any slip ups, or been really proud of yourself for being good?
tell all and any plans for next week to reach next weeks goals?
Oh god, this weekend's been a complete disaster!! I'm holding off the scales for a few days, getting back on track and trying to forget about it. I had friends from home come and visit for a couple of days, and so I've eaten a huge amount of rubbish!! I'm keeping VLC for the next few days - going home on Thursday so I'll be eating a bit more for the few days, but it should be healthy enough since my mum's into healthy eating! Then cutting back again when I'm back on my own...probably on saturday!

Not weighing myself until next week, I don't think!


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ok cool, a little blip, and you have it all planned out on how you are going to rectify this blip (which is great) as long as you (me and you ) are conscious of this and get back on the right road as soon as possible then great,
see if you can e.g. move a little more this week, ie- when watching tv fidget a little tap your toes, when walking just carry an extra book/ swing arms a little, when drinking water make the first glass extra cold so your body has to work harder to warm up the water etc etc this all burnes a few extra calories.

we really have to go for it next week especially if we want to reach our goals on time.

it's good that your mum cooks healthy, (that is such a plus point) lots of veg and lean meat, and you will be still loosing weight at home.

what you doing as a vlc diet? ( calorie counting, shakes, weight watchers etc etc).

keep positive and focus on your goal and what clothes you will be weraing and how you will look and feel.

i'll weigh myself on friday, and will update. this really needs to be 4lb minimum.
Hi both are you just looking for the one buddy or is another buddy welcome :)
Calorie counting really...although fail so far today, damn junk food! I put all the leftover food from various girlie nights out with a big sign saying EAT ME! ....but so far I'm the only one eating it. Anyway, I'm considering the few crisps and mini caramel thing I ate my food for the day (on top of the salad I had for lunch) and I"m staying in my room for the rest of the day to avoid the food! Hello fruit tea and miso soup for dinner....

Tomorrow and Wed, I'll do nothing but salads and soup, then Thursday I'll have a smoothie for brekkie and skip lunch...then I think mum's making roast chicken for dinner...maybe I'll persuade her to put a sweet potato in the microwave instead of roasties for me *sob*

Considering doing slimfast shakes after this weekend and ten having a lower calorie meal for dinner instead of the 600kcal one they recommend...what do you think??

Oh, and Tif, feel free to join in! :eek:) What are your stats? xxx
p.s. I should point out it was 2 handfuls of salt and vinegar crisps and 4 onion rings. Seriously, if no-one eats them by tomorrow they're going in the bin!!!
Thanks girls :)

Im 5'6
and 224 lbs :'(
I wanna get down to 184 for my first big goal but 201 for my first 10% - im not doing a specific diet yet just not eating crap but i may fould to the temptations of a diet :) what are you girls doing?
Trying to stop eating crap! Ahahaha! Well, like I've said I"m trying to do a low calorie thing, although for the next couple of days I"m going VLC to get my weight down. I personally find structured diets with meal plans etc too difficult to follow - so I'm just trying desperately to cut out refined sugars and fatty foods. NOt going well so far though, I had a major blip this last weekend! When do you want to reach your first goal? x


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hi tif and welcome,

what you could have at your mums liz is a few new potatoes (if you like them they are quite low on the glycemic scale, and i don't think that they raise the blood sugars, so no hungar pangs after as well).

ok cool you defo know what you want to do, and i really struggled with wasting food myself... but if no one else aint eating it and your getting to it first then just bin it, (if something can be frozen and kept then do that as well). never heard of anyone eating frozen turkey tee hee (that's a joke ha ha haa).

errmmm just try your best. and you will get to goal.


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errmm what am i doing i don't really know myself i guess it is a mad mixture of loads of diets that i have done over the years all combined to make one super dupa diet that i like, so .....
a shake here a shake there, calorie counting, move a little more, less carbs and if i have to have carbs then they have to be low on the glycemic scale, and positive thinking. ultimately i want to cut sugar out for 6 months.

so yeah a bit crazy but it works when i stick to it
Trying to stop eating crap! Ahahaha! Well, like I've said I"m trying to do a low calorie thing, although for the next couple of days I"m going VLC to get my weight down. I personally find structured diets with meal plans etc too difficult to follow - so I'm just trying desperately to cut out refined sugars and fatty foods. NOt going well so far though, I had a major blip this last weekend! When do you want to reach your first goal? x
lol tomorrow?? no realistically id like to lost 2 lbs a week so just over a month? is that too quick?
well had a tiny fall last night - stuffed my face with salted popcorn :( but cant be that bad - managed to stay the same weight :) going to asda now to get some health snacks :)

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