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Looking for comments on Diet Patches


i was just browsing and came across this product called diet patches , they claim that you can lose a remarkable amount of weight & fat from the part u put them on..

Any one who ever used such product, can please comment on it..

I s it true or just a scam?? coz i m interested to buy & try it..

It's just a scam if it worked we'd all be thin by just putting a big sticking plaster on our belly!;)


Eyes on the Prize!!
They really do work.

Trouble is that you have to put it on your mouth!!

It may work for some people but I would think its more of a placebo effect.


maintaining since June'09
I actually bought these things (I know - sad or what :eek:) ... It was one of these money back guarantee things, I went through all the small print, took a photo copy of the guarantee and everything. I applied them religiously (if that's what praying that they'll work when you stick 'em on means;)) .... Guess what?? .....

They didn't .... surprise surprise ....

However - also surprise surprise - but in a good way, I claimed the money back ..... and got it!!!!

Much as we'd all love the miracle cure - up to now it really doesn't exist xx

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