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Looking for help and inspiration

Hello all,
I am looking for advice and inspiration. I saw my doctor last week and have an appointment with the sister on Friday to discuss diets and weight loss, as I have a huge lump to shift, around 7-9 stone. Having been completely engrossed on this site for 2 days, I really have been inspired and want to ask them about LL as I understand that you need to be referred.

Please could you tell me a little more about the plan and the costs involved is there an exercise plan to follow? Are there any draw backs? What are the meetings like (are they weekly? 1hr?) Sorry for all the questions, I just want to have something to back me up when I speak to the sister on Friday, with regards to my choice. (although not quite sure about the tooting issue lol, I was laughing so much I cried)

You guys have done so incredibly well and I would love to be on here with the same results, pictures and success stories you have.

Thank you for any help, you all really have helped me make my decision. I was seriously considering surgery and was getting quite desperate and scared of dying young. I'm 38 weigh over 19stone with a BMI of 43.7. I have missed out on so much being overweight and now’s the time for a big change.

So thank you guys

Regards Lisa x
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hi lisa i start ll next tuesday you have to find a councellor in your area you have to get a form from them for your doctor to fill in to make sure there is no medical reson for you not to do this diet it is 66 pound a week more for extras but worth every penny it is not easy but well worth it you have 4 shakes or soups a day and 4 litres of water no food no diet drinks exercise is entirely up to you but you should not do too much ive been on it before lost over three stone but got pregnant so had to come off we have about the same amount to lose and i am also 38 good luck if you decide to do it there are some amazing people with amazing stories and losses on this sight
sorry meant to say they are weekly meeting approx 1 hours or more with therapy and a group of 10 or less other lady,s you can also get extras like water flavoring after a week you can get bars but only one per day ithink thats it


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Hi Lisa,

LL costs £66 a week, which seems alot but seeing you don't go out and drink and eat I found I saved money. For the first 14 weeks in foundation you have a two hour session every week. At these sessions everyone weighs in and then you have discussions about all sorts of things to do with how we look at food why we eat etc etc, they are invaluable or they were to me. I have changed so much over the last 16 weeks I can't tell you. I just managed 6 days in Germany which has my favourite food bar none and I managed just fine staying away.
I had 7 stone to loose and I now have 2.5 left. It feels amazing and I know I will get there.
If you are feeling scared and nervous its so normal. You will never regret doing any one of the VLCD's that much I am sure of.
Good luck and let us know what you decide.
Hi Lisa

LL is the best thing in the world that has ever happened to me.

I had 10 stone to lose - I started in Januray and I am already more then half way there.

It has been so easy - without a doubt the easiest diet I have ever done, and the super fast results are all the motivation you need.

Within weeks I felt healthier then I have in years. BMI is steadily decreasing, which is a big thing to advise teh sister of.....the health benefits are immediate. Both physically AND mentally - and both are just as important as each other if you ask me.

Like you, I missed out on so much life dealing with weight from a very young age till now (48). This diet has/is changing my life.

The meetings last sort of 1 - 2 hours depending on counseller. They are invaluable. I have experienced things in such a different way then I have my whole life, and that is proof positive the sessions are indeed sinking in and working.

Go for it - you will never regret it - but if I can offer you one peice of advise - go for it 110%. Do not cheat -ever - not one morsel - as that can set you back and make the abstainance quit difficult. I have not had one grain of food in my mouth that does not belong there, and that keeps it so easy, but others here who have had either planned or unplanned lapses have struggled to get back into the groove. They say you never get back into the zone the secodn time as well as the first - so don't jeapordise it. The diet is quite manageable under any circumstance - social, work, holiday, weddings, birthdays, etc. Get on board - its short term and temporary - food is only gone for a short time and will be there when you are done and will all taste the same. Probably better. So....don't sway to it while doing the diet. Get your head wrapped around it, tightly, and with an unstoppable positive attitude and failure will not be an option, and while you are doing it - visualise yourself being successful in all circumstances and visualise yourself at goal and maintaining - that really does help.

All good luck and wishes to you girl! Let us know what they say!

I hope she will approve

oh - one other thing - I would suggest you start cutting out carbs now - its the carb withdrawals that cause unpleasant side effect while going into ketosis, such as headaches, etc. So if you get a head start, like me you will not experience anything other then a minor headache or too and maybe a lethargic day or two. Well worth doing.
Thank you so very much for your advice, this is exactly what I needed and confirms that this will be the right move for me. I'm actually getting really excited about not eating junk and the challenge of a new way of life. So thank you again so very much, Kind regards Lisa x


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Good Luck Lisa - the referral is nothing special - you just need a form filled out by the doctor/nurse that details your history and shows that you have a BMI > 29 (look on the lighterlife.co.uk website for a BMI calculator) and 3 stone or more to lose.

It is a great diet - I find the group sessions stimulating and enjoyable.

If you stick at the diet you cannot fail to lose - and it is reasonably easy to stick to. You have no hunger - the only problems are in the head - and the CBT sessions will help with that.


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Good luck Lisa... it really is a wonderful diet... I had nearly 14 stone to lose!! Now I've got under 5 stone to go and that's in just over 6 months!!! It really works but I will reiterate what Blonde Logic said... try to stick to it 110% because so many people struggle to get back in if they falter :)


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Very very best of luck Lisa. This is the best diet I have ever done. It has honestly changed my life forever.

If you stick to it you will feel on top of the world!
Cambridge costs £35 per week which I started on (if cost is an issue) or if you love eating there is always Atkins which I am now doing, I had jelly and cream for breakfast today yum yum! I have lost 2 stone since April and another 4 to go. minimins is fantastic everyone is hear to help, I have been lurking on the boards for a few weeks and am so addicted!!!

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