Looking forward to see who's under the fat!!!

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  1. lazycow

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    Yip. I am sitting on my bed, watching Sex and the city and I suddenly thought. Who will appear beneath the weight I have carried ALL my life? As I have never been thin, I don't know what the "thin me"is like. I know the "fat me" and she's ok. She has lived her life with a "if ya can't beat em join em" attitude to her weight and laughed off any reference to it. But secretly she harbours a burning ambition to let all these people meet "thin her" coz she will kick their asses!!
    It's quite exciting really. Kinda like waiting for a relative you have tracked down and have yet to meet.
    Does this sound insane?
    "Fat Me";)
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  3. Dancing

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    nope, not the least bit insane. It sounds full of excitement and anticipation and it will help you get to your goal. May I be the first to say hello to 'thin you' as that is who you are.

    We often talk on here about discovering/finding out who we are as though it is someone waiting to be uncovered. I have the opinion that, as in everything in life, we are who we decide to be. Everything comes down to choice. We are creating ourselves anew.

    Who do you want to be as a thin person? Whoever you picture yourself as, that is who you will be. Will you be confident, happy, assertive, in control, full of initiative, comfortable in the company of others, someone people seek the company of, someone others look at and think "wow, I wish I could be as confident as her/him". We have the power to create who we are whether we are fat or thin, it just seems it may be a little easier to create ourselves as a thin person because we will be adhering to the socially acceptable view that thin is best.

    Thought creates behaviour and behaviour creates reality. The reality is whatever we think it is. So who are you going to be LC (I can't write your user name after all that because it isn't a positive name but one that even when you are thinner and posting here will bring the energy of who you were at the start of this trip along).

    Apologies if all that is a little too odd - hopefully something in it makes sense to some. I'll put it down to the fact I'm here at 3.30 in the morning feeling cr£p with a cold and so unable to sleep properly.
  4. lazycow

    lazycow Member

    You make total sense. Thanks for taking the time to send that post. I was looking at my life as it is. I am confident, have a wonderful hubby,two smashing boys, a good job, good friends. The only thing I am not happy with is my appearance and my health. I think there is a glamourpuss waiting to emerge. She is rehearsing in my psyche just now and will make her debut in a few months.She has a Maria Grashvogel dress with her name on it. x
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    had to google her to see what her designs are like ... v classy!!! Can't wait to see you in that photo!
  6. crazyjane

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    very good points both... particularly liked the bit about self as a creation, made me think. The fat me I am saying goodbye to is the product of years of lack of control, emotional torment and putting a brave face on life... what I am doing now is shedding the layers and emerging as the real person that has been hiding beneath them for so many years. As I have said before I don't know who I am as a thin grown up... but actually I do, I am ME, just without all the baggage!

    hope everyone has a good day today
  7. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Good thread!
  8. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    Great thread

    As someone who has just got her head around being percieved as a 'thin person' I can tell you 'it twists your melon man' . You are in for one hell of a ride , suddenly , and I mean suddenly becuase on this diet thats kinda how it happens , you feel as if nothings changed then one day you see a reflection of a person you know, but with a body you just dont recognise staring back at you in a changing room, comfortably wearing something in a size you once believed impossible.
    Enjoy !
  9. GotTheTShirt

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    One thing i have found is that a compliment paid when i was bigger was taken as a sarcastic remark and now i take them as they are meant.?????
  10. Porgeous

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    And on a similar note, when I first started out and got the first few compliments I felt really embarrassed and awkward and near enough ran away. But now I take them and enjoy the feeling!

  11. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Sometimes I read posts on here that make me question if I am normal.

    My hubby swears there is no problem with my breath but after reading everyone talking about bad breath and ketosis I do sometimes worry that my hubby just hasn't noticed and that everyone else thinks I stink.

    I also have never really had any concept of what I look like. When I was fat I could look in a mirror (when clothed) and think I looked nice and slim some days and other days I thought I was very fat. Now that I've lost 3.5 stones I still don't see it. I know I'm slimmer as all my clothes have fallen off me and I've had to start buying clothes several sizes smaller but I just can't see it when I look in a mirror.

    It isn't any great problem for me - just from time to time I wonder if I suddenly will see it or if I'll always have a weird view of myself physically. It does make me occasionally wonder if that is why some people become anorexic as they just cannot see themselves becoming smaller (I don't think there is any danger of that with me although I've talked to OH about it so he is aware of it).

    I don't have a feeling of a new me emerging like some of you refer to but I put that down to being happy with myself as a person anyway.

    Years ago I put 5 stones on after giving up smoking and after losing it again I changed as a person because I realised I had been treated either like a non-entity or been disciminated against for being fat. I became happier and more self-confident not because I'd lost weight but because I learned something about life. When I put weight on this time around I didn't lose confidence at all as I had grown as a person and am very comfortable with who I am (talk about blowing your own trumpet!). I'm really glad I've been both fat and slim and can see life from different perspectives.

    Sorry for rambling on - I don't usually expose my deepest thoughts and usually think "aren't people a bit too deep on minimins?" - don't know what has come over me. I just wondered if I'm I'm on my own in the way I look at things?
  12. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    careful swetepea you are in danger of being as deep as the rest of us weirdos!! ha ha
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