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Looking in the mirror! Face-v-Body?


No longer a redhead though!
Hello all,

I started my LT journey weighing in at 16 stone and feeling like a right dumpling.

I am now at 14 stone and less dumpling like.

However, looking in the mirror the other evening whilst putting on the mascara I noticed that my laughter lines had crept (rather dramatically) down my face instead of hovering around my eyes. Less fat to fill out the cheeks and all that.

What I am wondering is how have other felt with the face - v - body ratio?

I feel that it wouldn't be too brilliant to have an ultra slender (if a little saggy) body and a face of an 80 year old peaking out of the top of it would it!?

So, if I did lose too much and face looked bad would it rectify if I then gained some back - its a fine balance isn't it????

Thoughts please. Lisa x

p.s. soon to be 48 and not ready to look 80!
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There is always botox, as long as you get a good source to apply it, also think about how your heart will prefer the weight loss!
If only we could decide where we lost the weight it would be great, wouldn't it.

An aunt of mine had a gastric band fitted a few years ago and she has such a gaunt face now, she actually looked healthier before she lost the weight. It's different for everybody and there are always options like blodwen said, just research botox before you commit :)


No longer a redhead though!
There is always botox, as long as you get a good source to apply it, also think about how your heart will prefer the weight loss!
Yes, it's just me being vain I suppose. Which in itself is blooming marvellous - haven't had the opportunity to be vain for yonks and yonks!

Botox wouldn't work for around my eyes, it is one of my nicest features in my previously very podgy face - less podgy now thank goodness.

I'll play it stone by stone I reckon.:confused::confused::cool:

Lisa x
Fillers may well work (restylane- probably wrong spelling lol).
Best thing to do is focus on getting the bodywork slim & in order then pop along to a clinic if you still down about your face and see what the professionals think can & can't be done.
At the end of the day it's your choice as only your feelings matter!!
Hi LiposLisa,

Congrats on your excellent loss to date. I understand your concerns and I can value the opinions of those suggesting botox/fillers etc. I would however be from the school that says, you are 48, you have earned 48 years on this earth, you wear your 48 years with pride! I'm not die hard about anything, I love make up and making yourself look lovely but there is something so charming about a person, man or woman, who is confident and happy in their skin (lines and all). Its jus another perspective. Your lines that are present because you are older. Older has become almost a dirty word in our society, while progressive age is revered in other socieites for the wisdom and grace that it brings. Again like I said its just another perspective! I also think botox and fillers are great for those who really want and need them, its all about confidence. The most important thing is that you are losing weight, which is the healthiest thing you are doing for you body. Keep up your brilliant work on LT!
hi Lisa,

my mum had this problem on lighterlife, and she found that once she'd reached goal and had been eating healthily for a while, the weight seemed to redistribute itself. eg her face was really gaunt and she did look older, but then it filled out again - nowhere near what it was of course but looked healthy again. also she didnt lose as much off her legs as she wanted, but while her face filled out abit her legs shrunk a bit!!

hold on to hope my lovely! xx


No longer a redhead though!
Thank all for the great postings. I suppose a part of it is that it is all a little alien seeing a different face in the mirror - somehow don't recognise myself. Am sure I'll get used to it eventually, got used to my slimmer waist immediately! Lol

Lisa x
Hi Lisa,

Sometimes it can take a while for our skin to catch-up with the speed we loose weight and therefore look a little loose.

Concentrate on the benefits of loosing weight and then see where you're up to.

If its not our weight we obsess over and feel guilty about then its something else, we just can't give ourselves a break can we?

Good luck,
Kirstie x

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