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Looks like i'm coming back...


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Hey there guys...

Well it's been a couple of months, i've done ww and sw, and stuck to them both like glue, had my contraceptive implant out and BAM... 10lbs on in the space of a week...

i'm getting married in mid-july, am expecting my dress fitting in mid-June and i am feeling huge.

cambridge never gave me the 3lb a week losses, more like 2lbs a week and i hated every grinding step, but it did work. and if i don't suck it up and do it i'll still be a size 18 for my wedding and since i've had 18 months to sort it i would never forgive myself for that.

so here we go. i'm starting just after easter weekend and i want to get down to 12 stones by the time i get fitted with my dress. i know i should be cutting down on my carbs this week but since all the food i have is for sw green days that is unlikely.. am going to stick with that for this week and hope that some of the hormonal weight drops off, but carbs obviously don't agree with me given what my body has been doing...

please wish me luck. i feel like crying after my weigh in this morning :(

abz xx
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Hey there guys...
Well it's been a couple of months, i've done ww and sw, and stuck to them both like glue, had my contraceptive implant out and BAM... 10lbs on in the space of a week...
abz xx

Welcome back Abz, sorry to hear about your gain since leaving CD, but now you are back and determined, i' m sure you can do this CD again and succeed. Your posts were always so chatty and inspirational, i missed you and was sorry to see you go.
All the best on this new attempt.


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thanks nibbles. you still have that avatar that makes me laugh :D

i keep holding onto the fact that at least i didn't gain until the hormones messed me up. i'm kind of hoping that some of that will drop off this next week when totm is out of the way... hmph.

abz xx


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Abz, you've come a long way and you can get all the way to goal... good luck and welcome back.


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Hey abz..

Welcome back :) I've missed you.. You can do what you've planned easy and what a great goal, you'll be such a beautiful bride :)


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Hey Abz, nice to see you! good luck with getting back into the swing of CD soon, you were really good at it if i remember, and you know it works hun!
One pound at a time Abz hun - you'll get there ...:)

Remember that you are choosing to do this ...you're in charge of it ...embrace it & let the diet do it's work! ;)

All the very best! Think *wedding*!! :love047:

debs xx​


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well if this incentive doesn't work then none of them will, ha.

i'm ready to give it a good go next week. am hoping my cdc will be able to fit me in straight away but if not then i have the odd pack that is still in date to tide me over for a couple of days if not.

i'm just feeling so low and bleurgh about it all. i know i struggle and i know it's so so hard and i love the sw way of eating, but i need to get this done for me and i know that cd does work, even if it doesn't work full speed for me, it does work.... so i just need to get on and do it!!

abz xx


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Hi abz welcome back hun,you are the oracle with this diet you always have the answer to any question,you know how to do it inside out,you will be fab just grit your teeth and go for it


can see the end in sight!
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welcome back! keep your chin up, you will do it and you will look stunning on your wedding day :)
Hi abz,

Sorry to hear that you put on 10lbs hon, as you say it is hopefully all hormonal and will go quickly!!! I hope so!
Here's hoping that you get to less than your target for your dress fitting.
You can do it hon,
bingbong xx


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Hi Abz, am the same, will be re-starting on wed, good luck to you and me, looking forward to my hot choc mint shakes and porridge....yummy!


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You can do it, if a lovely wedding dress, all eyes on you and pictures to last a life time isn't enough incentive I don't know what is :). You will look great. When you feel like you are flagging, take a look at Irishangel's photos - fab


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thanks guys. i really hope so. just want to get going now as i know i'm going to self-sabotage between now and monday... already had a small bar of choc and some crisps today. i know it's not that much but hopefully i'll be able to keep it vaguely under wraps. can't have a week of last hurrah's or i'll have another stone to lose!!

abz xx

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