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Loopys restart!!


Taking Back Control...!!!
Good luck hun - I feel like the queen of restarts at the moment.... must restart every monday.....:rolleyes:

I have a plan though..... I know it sounds crazy for a grown woman but I'm going to get my dad to weigh me every week as I'm not going to a CDC at the mo (loads and loads of surplus....:rolleyes: ) - I can't bear to see the disappointment on his face.... much like when I was a child - plus he'll be really strict with me which is what I need....lol!!!!

Hope everything goes well for you......:D



Gone fishing
All the best Amanda. You've done so brilliantly before....just hang on in there and get those final pounds off once and for all:)

That's a great idea, getting your Dad to weigh you Mich!


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Good luck with the restart - sounds like you've had a great start already!
keep it up i need inspiring!!! :)
Hey Loopy, you go girl. I did the same as you but weighed myself. I saw my CDC yesterday and even though i was heavier than last time I had still lost and she was dead pleased to see me again :D x
Thanks Mandy...but I feel useless.....

Sometimes I get as far as 10 at night then something tells me to eat and I just can't fight it off.

On my 2nd half pack of the day now....been very busy in the garden and keep coming in for a rest and a cigarette

All I can do is keep on trying

Summers coming...so hot today and nothing fits me!!

I don't want to be stripping off with all this flesh showing anyway....so ashamed of myself


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hi hun was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are. ive put on as well and feel crap as nothing fits and its getting hotter so im back on it today as i booked a holiday yesterday to Lanzarote so very determined! im with you hun we have done it before and we CAN do it big hugs xx
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Hiya honey

Don't be so hard on yourself - you keep on trying, and that's the most important thing. Instead of sole-sourcing (which would also find incredibly hard to do again too), why not do the 790 or even the 1000 cals plan instead? You'll still lose weight quickly, but you won't be putting yourself under the same kind of pressure as you do when you sole source.

Give that a week or so - and then once you're losing weight again and feeling more in control you can drop down to sole sourcing if you feel like it.

Please don't give up now .. not when you've come so far and done so well in the past.

I'm always here if you need to talk, whinge, cry ... or whatever.

Thanks Mandy...but I feel useless.....

Sometimes I get as far as 10 at night then something tells me to eat and I just can't fight it off.
That's what happens to me when I am doing the packed lunches. I pop a chewing gum in and chomp on that, then, as soon as I've finished them I go and soak in the bath!
hey hun..... damn the sunshine is right...

you have done amazingly welll so please don't be hard on urself...

take care and you will get there..

Awww, hope the op goes ok! Bless, poor kitty!x
Of course you'd remember him Bex...you named him lol
He's fine.....we got him back about 4 yesterday and he's slept a lot!!

He seems to be mieowing in a higher pitch now...bless him lol

Me.....well I'm on day 3 and feeling good!!!!

Still waiting for the pink.....I know...it was a bit hopeful for it to happen this morning!!

Bound to be tomorrow :D
Hi Amanda

Keep up the good work, day 4 and things will start to get even easier!

Catch up with you soon!
Good Morning Sarah!!!

Roll on day 4 lol...but to be honest I'm ok ......bit hungry but not enough to fail
Think something clicked at last!!

Want to try to get back into this place too.....I've been lurking far too long :eek:


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