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Loose skin


Clean green leafy machine
I'm suffering with this issue
not a pretty sight naked at all got more folds
of skin than a Shar Pei I have.

Someone gave me some toning exercises to do
and while they did wonders with the bingo wings
they've done nothing on the midrift areas at all

Susie, I also think age plays a big factor
the younger you are the more elastic the skin is
as you get older I think you just have to except it
apart from going under the knife * shudders *


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Kal - have to say the thought of surgery does not appeal at all! maybe bathing in olive oil will do it :)
Haha!! Just watch out for the bedsheets
after yer bath

plus any Horizontal activity could be positively
dangerous will all that sliding about :D
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oohhhh tips to get rid of bingo wings need to be shared ladies!!! lol
Sometimes you just gotta gamble! :D
I had (TMI) what I can only describe as an apron of loose flesh, it went after a while though, thank god.
Sigh! 2 babies, both over 9 pounds = a life wearing suck me in pants 24/7.
Nothing is going to shift my nasty skin mank.
On the plus side, you'd never know if it's a good knicker day or a grotty knicker day!
Drink, drink, drink... get that water down yr neck as that helps your skins elasticity & making sure that yr eating enough protein, times yr weight in lbs by 0.6 & thats how much protein you should be consuming, both of these make a huge difference to saggy skin!

Bingo wings... I have just invested in a shake weight!! Don't be rude Jim... yes it looks very falic!
Abs, fitness & exercise equipment- Sunset Solutions UK.
Jeez, I haven't said a word. :D

I suspect playing squash and Rugby helped me escape the Bingo Wings.


Clean green leafy machine
I'm planning to focus on the eating part until after Christmas, with walking as my main exercise, and then as my Christmas present to myself, I'm going to hire a personal trainer for a while and get some weights work going :)

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