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loose skin?

I was wondering if anyone else who has lost weight similar to what i need to loose has any advice on the old loose skin issue?
I started at 13st7, and have gone down now to 12st4:jelous:, no signs of loose skin yet, but I am worried that if i get to my goal of 8st7 (i am only 5ft2) I will have horrible saggy skin like you hear horror stories about. I am greasing myself up like a channel swimmer after every shower, so maybe this will help.
I haven't weighed 8st7 since i was about 12 years old, so I really don't know what to expect.
any advice??:confused:

x s
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is going to loose!
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I am on a program that is blood test based. The program is rapid weight loss, then refeeding and finally maintainance, it's called Dr Cohen's.

Anyway they recommend that everyday you take a multivitamin and also a zinc magnesium tablet. The zinc help to protect skin elasticity. Give it a go.

Also if you have acne this will clear it up within a month!

good luck.



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Bodybrushing is supposed to be good. I got some oils and did it in the shower. I lost 6 stones and only have the odd little wrinkly bit so I'm pretty lucky. I think it depends on your age and skin elasticity...
Bio -oil is quite good for after your shower.
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Hiya hun

I have lost about the same amount that you would like to I think. It is hard to say what will happen as it varies from person to person. I would say things are not as firm as I would ideally like, its a little bit like wearing a dress that's a wee bit too big, things are a little wibbly wobbly but no actual hanging skin. Try not to worry too much.



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i think age and genetics play a part too. As Porgeous says, ity's not perfect but it is livable with and i have grown quite fond of my scrawny neck. I was using Clarins stuff which helped a bit but have moved over to Boots Time Delay which i found to be brilliant x


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hey, iv lost 2nhalf st so far, have 9nhalf to go, and i had a baby 4mths ago lol. My belly was soooooooooo saggy when i started this diet i was worrying bigtime. But now its toning up, and not saggy much at all, so hoping il have a nice toned tummy after lol i have pics to prove aswell lol

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