loose wedding rings!

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  1. Trim T

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    slim and save
    I only started CD this week, but i've been dieting for a few weeks now and have lost 16lbs. The problem is that my wedding trio is now so loose i'm worried i'm going to lose them.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had to have their wedding ring re-sized, or even a new 1 since starting CD.
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  3. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

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    Yep.. mine is jammed on with another ring, had to stop wearing my engagement ring about a month ago now for fear of losing it... can you buy a cheap one and have it changed when you get to goal, although looking at your stats you haven't got much to go now...
  4. soolaboola

    soolaboola sisters of slim

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    ss cd (hardcore)
    me too i have lost that much weight,my ass is still big but i have skinny fingers lol,my rings jangle when i walk ,i was thinking going to the jeweller today,for about a fiver they will put you a gold support on the back of the ring ,its like a bar that clips on and can be bent to size,but it does come off again if you want to get it resized,but it does the job well.
  5. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

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    weight Watchers now but did LL/CD
    lol.... i once dropped mine into a full bin... wedding and engagement ring... lol cos they are loose.... ha ha took me about half an hour of going through disgusting rubbish... before i found them!!!!

    soola boola I think i might pop in n get that bar thing fitted x
  6. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

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    I stopped wearing my wedding and engagement rings when they felt loose. I just bought a cheap silver band to wear until I had mine resized in August in time for our 10th anniversary had to have it changed by 8 ring sizes :eek:.
  7. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

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    i've been really lucky because i have always had slender fingers so they have stayed the same. however my watch is constantly spinning round now and i can get 4 fingers behind the strap when it is done up as tight as it will go!!! gonna have to get a new one! x
  8. abz

    abz Gold Member

    my engagement ring is really loose and when i'm cold i feel like it will drop off!! don't want to get it resized just yet though. if it gets silly big then i may have to wear a different cheapy ring until i'm at goal and can get it resized properly :) trust me to get engaged at my biggest ever!!

    abz xx
  9. Helsy

    Helsy Full Member

    I've had to take my wedding and engagement ring off as I am afraid I will lose them! When I'm at goal I will have them made smaller.

    Is it worth it - YEH!!
  10. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Wants to shed pounds more

    I'm gonna have to jam another ring on top of mine too, I notice it most if my hands are cold or wet.
  11. Orange Plum

    Orange Plum Full Member

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    Tony Ferguson
    I have exactly the same problem - mine are falling off quite often now - I will try the jewellers to see if they have that size thing otherwise might just buy a cheapie until I know my size has stabelised - a nice problem to have!!
  12. cissie

    cissie Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Mine are too loose now I have taken them off so I dont loose them. I decided to not resize them until i have got to goal so they dont need doing twice! x
  13. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Slim and Save
    Mine are pretty loose as well so im going to buy a silver chain to pop then on, When im at goal i will get them resized or have bars fitted.
  14. shrinking violet

    shrinking violet Full Member

    I've had the loose rings problem for quite a while too. I haven't got round to having my rings resized yet (I'm waiting till I reach my goal weight).

    I was told at the jewellers that the temp metal resizing bars can wear away at the ring and are only supposed to be worn for a short while (a few weeks).

    The plastic resizers on the site link below are quite good (and cheap!) and don't wear way at the ring:

    Home of the Ring Adjuster

    I bought mine via them on ebay but you can buy direct too.
  15. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Wants to shed pounds more

    I had to jam another ring on top of my wedding ring today. It had gone from being a bit loose to god-im-gonna-lose-it

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