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Loosing the inches, but not off the boobage!!



Cambridge Consultant
Well done your doing fab!! I bet your feeling so happy ..
I have never measured myself in inches.. I too am the same size well 36G but have changed loads from my back well should be a 34 now . but Im just a 14 top and bottom!!!
Its funny how we lose from certain places and not others. I am sure it will all balance itself out eventually. x


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Are you mental??!! :silly: My boobs have gone down from 38F to 36F and that's quite enough, thank you! :eek: (If they go down any more, I'll be suicidal!)
(As the hub keeps telling me, 36F is the perfect size! Why on earth would you want to be any smaller?! :confused:)


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ha. i wouldn't mind some off mine too!! i was a DD last time i was a size 14. am now a size 16-18 and am still a 36GG!! aaargh.

abz xx
They look HUGE and its all you notice, I hate big baps! Although I havent lost inches, they are now really floppy **blush** if they were big pert 36f's it wouldnt have been so bad.
Im measuring them with my bra on maybe I should measure with out??


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
ha. i wouldn't mind some off mine too!! i was a DD last time i was a size 14. am now a size 16-18 and am still a 36GG!! aaargh.

abz xx
Hmm, well OK hun - that is on the large side, lol! :eek: Funny, isn't it - you're probably every bloke's dream, and all you want is for them to go!!! (Console yourself by thinking you got yours free, whilst Jordan etc. paid a fortune for theirs!)

I'm sure our bodies will sort themselves out eventually! :)
I'm the opposite, I was a 34G and now am a 34F :( I wanna keep my big boobs!!!! Unfortunately it ain't happening!! My darling husband pointed out to me that since losing weight they are no longer "as firm" and another comment of "I remember when they were up here" :eek::copon: Isn't he a sweetheart....:rolleyes:


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My boobs were the first thing to shrink, thank god I hate big boobs too. I seem to have lost inches from the waist up, funny how your thighs are the hardest to shift
So my thighs are my biggest inch loss!! about 3" off each thigh!
I guess Im just dissapointed, Im looseing mass but my body shape is still the same. Im just going to get on the rower............


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well my OH pointed out i was going to get saggy if i lost any more boobage (not that they aren't already mind).

i rather curtly thanked him for his observations and told him to piss off, given that i have no option, ha. but then he's danish and that's how they are *sigh*...

abz xx

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