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loralu's food diary

Hi i'm laura and i started slimming world on 13th july 2009. My starting weight was 12st 4lbs. My target weight is 9st 7 - 9st 10lbs (depending on how i feel when i reach it). Monday nights are my weigh nights and i will be weighing in tonight.

So far i have lost 1st 1.5lbs (until last week it was 1st 3lbs!) last week was my first gain of 1.5lbs put i had eaten a lot that i shouldn't as i was away. i would like to reach the 2st stage by 21st December which is 12.5lbs so not sure if i can achieve this!

If nobody minds i am going to start a food diary as of tomorrow (tues 3/11/09) to see if it helps as recently my motivation has been swaying!

Laura xx

Had my weigh- lost a pound. little disappointed but tomorrows a new day and hopefully doing a diary will keep me on track!
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Tuesday 3/11/09 - Red Day

Started the day with banana and natural yogurt and hot (sugar free) orange squash.

I bring my lunch to work and have brought ham, bread (heb) and a laughing cow light triangle. Snacks will be an apple and a toffee mullerlight.

I'm planning on going to the gym after work then tea is going to be pork, new potatoes (heb) and veg. Might syn a bit of gravy.

I have a few treats left i bought for trick or treaters (and didn't even get any!!) so may have one of them later. I might use it as a reward to motivate some studying!

Laura xx


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning Laura - and welcome to the forums...

Get posting regularly on here and people will be as supportive as they can

You have done so well with only 1 gain since you started and you know the reason why, so that is even better.. there is nothing worse than having a gain when you have been good !!

Have a great day and enjoy the gym

i've managed to stick to what i planned to eat to day, had 7 syns including some chocolate to reduce the stress levels!

didn't make it to the gym, after the day i had at work i just came home had tea and hit the text books!

i had a good week exercising last week so don't want to let it slip!


Mad as a Hatter

Sometimes life throws things at us that spoil the best laid plans...

At least you hit the text books rather than the biscuit tin....

Have another good day today and you will get there


todays been hectic! i was going to have a red day today but by lunch i didn't fancy what i took so i changed to extra easy!

B: 2 Weetabix and milk (HEA & HEB)
D: Jacket Potato and Beans
T: Shepherd Pie (topped with swede and carrot, not potato) so syns in the gravy

Not had any fruit so going to have some tonight and might have a glass of wine to relax with

Hi Laura

Well done on your weight loss, you're doing really well.

Enjoy that glass of wine!
i've had a good slimming world today. going for a red day

b: weetabix and milk (HEA & B)
s: apple and banana
d: ham and a ff yogurt with mango pineapple and melon
s: toffee mullerlight
t: chicken, mange tout & babysweetcorn stir fry

so no syns so far, maybe have the glass of wine i didn't have last night and a bacon sandwich with my other HEB

i realised for the first time last night just how much weight i had put on over the past few years (obv i knew i had put weight on but just not realised the extent of it until i tried some old clothes on) and it gave me the motivation to carry on with my slimming.

last night i had a cheese and bacon toastie (HEA & B) and two treat chocolates (6.5 syns in total) and they were my only syns all day but then i started feeling guilty for eating chocolate even though i was in my syn allowance, i need to get rid of these thoughts!

Today i've started with weetabix and 2 tsp of sugar (2 syns & hea & b)

i'm going to do an extra easy today as having gammon and sw chips for tea and pasta for dinner.

Finishing work early so might go for a swim after work



Mad as a Hatter
Good morning... your menus are looking good and you are being saintly with your syns..

I can never stop at one glass of wine - once the bottle is open, then it has to be finished and bang goes 30 syns !!!!

Have a great day and well done on your menus

let me add up the syns i've had today...

b: coco pops (HEA and 5.5)
s: alpen light (half heb going to have other later if hungry) apple, banana & clementine
l: pasta from boots (just checked the syns on slimming world website calculator and it's 9! i hope i've done it right!)
s: grapes
t: chinese (oops) boiled rice, battered chicken and sweet and sour sauce and a few prawn crackers! about 17.5 syns i think so thats a total of 32!

And i may have a glass of wine later! i think tomorrow and monday may need to be syn free!

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todays been a bit better but i'm really bloated at the mo, had to undo my jeans! had an ee day

b: weetabix (hea & b)
s: 4 satsumas
d: jacket pot with beans
s: apple
t: bolo with wholewheat pasta and cheese (so 8 syns with cheese and tom puree)
more syns than i wanted today but i just fancied some cheese!

weigh in day today, feeling a bit nervous. i was having a good week until saturday but i continued with the plan yesterday and today so hopefully any damage might have been put back right!

having a green day today

b: weetabix (hea &b)
s: 2 clementines
d: spaghetti on toast (heb)

not sure what for tea yet.

need to get some more fruit and veg down me so i think i'd better get to the shop after work!

lost half 2nite, bit sad but its a loss. had a talk with the leader so hopefully i'm going to get some more motivation!

just had quorn sausages (1st and last time i think!) and beans for tea, might have a biscuit later as had no syns

just restarting my diary as need to get back on track. ive put all the weight that i lost back on but these past few weeks ive lost a few pounds. I am also training for a 10k so running 4 times a week.

today i've had (green day):

b: mango and baked beans (not together) fruit tea
s: apple
d: spaghetti on toast (HEB)
t: chicken (HEB), mangetout, baby sweetcorn and noodle stir fry
drinks: SF juice, tea (HEA)

just had a small drifter (5 syns) and going to dunk a couple of party rings in my tea (3 syns) so 8 syns today

My food diary for today is as follows:

b: banana, apple and ff natural yogurt, hot SF juice
s: biscuit (3.5)
d: pasta & hm tomato sauce, cheese (HEB)
t: hm wedges and mushy peas, tom sauce (2)
drinks: tea, water juice (milk HEA)

still need another HEB, can't decide what i fancy!

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