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Lose a boyfriend, lose 4 lbs

2 day ago I went to view the cctv video of whoever it was who has been stealing money from my bank accounts. I thought I'd see some young lad using a clone of my cards. What I actually saw was the man I was living with, and he'd been doing it for months. I also discovered that all the time we have been together he has been seeing another woman, and they got engaged 2 months ago!
So, I threw him out of my house. Now it's just me and the dog.
and i weighed in 4lbs lighter than 48 hours ago LOL ...I think about half a pound of that was tears tho :sigh:

I have no money, no fiance, but I can now fit into my size 14 jeans!!!

So, sorry I've not been joining in and posting for a few days.... I'm back now and raring to shrink.
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Oh Helen

I'm sorry to hear that. It is unbelievable how some people treat others. I wonder if the other girl knows too. How dare he behave like that.

I know it takes some time, but you will get over this.

Be good to yourself, & keep thinking that he'll get his someday.

Lins :hug99:
Thanks folks

No, I'm not going to press charges. He has made threats to me and my friends if I do, and I haven't the strength to do it. He keeps texting me now saying how devastated he is that we have split up! He is really, really unstable, so I don't want to do anything. It's enough for me to know that he isn't in my life anymore and he can't hurt me anymore.
I have the phone number for his 'other woman' and I text her and told her that he and I had broken up and told her what he had done. I asked her to reply to me but she hasn't. If she wants to be with a man whom she knows is capable of such deceit then thats up to her. She knows that the Tiffany engagement ring thats sitting on her finger was paid for with money stolen from me...if she can live with that then she deserves everything that's coming to her.

I'm still in a kind of shock about it all i think. I'm just sitting in the front room, watching telly and it's so wierd that I'm on my own now.
I'll get used to it soon enough I guess. I'm not an emotional wreck anymore, I've calmed down and accepted it. Life goes on.


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How absolutely horrendous for you :eek: Sending mega :hug99: cos you are being so strong.


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Hi Helen

As Punky Jen says, you have us to chat to.

You sound very strong to me, & it seems to me that he has lost a lot. You sound lovely. :)




'this time i'll do it!'
oh wow, how bad for you to have to deal with that! at least ur rid of him now,
there is always a friendly face on here to talk to, hope your weight loss continues well,
heres to the new you!
that is terrible! what a loser he is! i dont think i could let him off by not pressing charges but if you think he's a real threat i can sort of understand that.

good luck on ur weightloss


Living the Life
Well done you!

I am just about to lose a husband. Perhaps I might lose 4 stone in weight. No doubt about it I will be losing a lot of money if he has anything to do with it.

Good luck, you deserve much better than that tosser.
hey hun dammmm you know what , he didnt deserve you and now you can be yourself and just enjoy the wieghtloss and the confidence it will bring... i broke up with my long term ex last month and at first i was thinking how will i cope without him but now im fine strong and happy!... you will be okay xxx

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