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  1. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    So it's a new month, a new week and a new goal.

    I want to keep a diary to keep me on the straight and narrow. I have a food diary, exercise diary and inch loss diary, so why not an online diary?! I still have about 3 stone to lose (I say 'about' because I work in kg. I have 19.4kg to lose until I'm at my ultimate goal) but I just wanted to make it a stone in September as I like the alliteration. :D )

    So today will be day 1. I weigh 82.6kg (12st, 13lb). My goal is therefore to be 11st, 13lb by the beginning of October.

    My goals for today are:

    1. To eat 1600 calories.
    2. To complete a 5km run in 39 minutes or under OR to do 10 x sprints at 15kmph.
    3. Get the house tidy (so, okay, this one isn't strictly weight related, but the more organised everything is around me, the more organised I feel and the more motivated I become).

    I'll sign in again at the end of every day as I want to be accountable to stay on track. I will be posting with calories consumed, BMR and calories burnt, giving me either a deficit or surplus of calories at the end of every day. The aim is to be in deficit to the tune of 7000 calories by the end of every week as I know that's at least a kg gone.

    I will also make a note of how much water I've had each day as I try to have at least 2.5l
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  3. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Off to a flying start! I did bugger all exercise-wise yesterday. *sigh* All day I kept saying 'I'll do it in a minute' and then something or other came up to prevent me doing it (all just procrastination of course).

    Not really an excuse but I have a 10 month old daughter (as of today) and I still breastfeed her (alongside giving her solids - I am gradually weaning her - she's now on 3 meals a day) and for the last few nights while it's been TOTM, she's been wanting feeding every couple of hours overnight and it's left me pretty exhausted. Anyway, I can only use that as an excuse for so long, meanwhile all my hard work on muscle building/toning, etc., is slowly slipping away.

    So, for Monday, 1 September:

    Calories in = 1580
    BMR = 1580
    Calories burnt = 0

    Total deficit = 0
  4. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    As for today, I'm just about to head out for a walk as it's a nice day. I should hopefully burn off around 1000 calories or so from that (some big hills and pram pushing helps).
  5. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Walk done today - not sure of the distance as the GPS on my watch wasn't working (I bought a state of the art, super duper Polar V800 so that it would give me EXACT readouts for everything - so much for that!).

    Anyway, it's a walk I've done several times and from memory, it's around 13.5km which burnt around 1120 calories.

    So for today, Tuesday, 2 September:

    Calories in = 1310
    BMR = 1560
    Calories burnt = 1120

    Total Deficit = -1370
  6. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    Hi Erryn - very achievable goals I'd say. I started not much below your current weight. A stone makes a massive difference ;-)

    I'm actually surprised your BMR is only 1600 with breastfeeding and your current weight and running around after your littly.

    Good luck in your diet - think with the exercise it will fall off you x
  7. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm not counting the breastfeeding as it's an unknown quantity. I figure that anything lost through that is a bonus. :D I've worked out that if I eat around 1600 calories, I'll lose weight but any more or any less and I won't, so I'm just going with the MFP BMR calculator for the moment. Unfortunately, although breastfeeding normally strips fat off most people (so I hear), for me it makes my body hold on to fat, so I have to work pretty hard to lose anything at all. I wouldn't be so bothered but as I'm heading home in a couple of months, I want to show off. :D I'm also thinking of ttc a second child next year (if possible) and I want to be at (or near) goal before doing that.

    Insofar as today is concerned, I've managed to do my session with my trainer but only burnt 600 calories (as it was strength training - legs today). It means I need to get back on the treadmill for a second go tonight to get rid of at least another 400.
  8. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    1000 calories burned off is AMAZING!! I rarely manage that well done.

    I did 450 in gym this morning and will try for another 300 tonight. Only doing twice a day as it is my final push before my two week holiday. I can't wait to get to target so I can maintain. Trying to lose 2lbs a week is such hard work!!!
  9. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    HAH! Far too knackered to get back on the treadmill, so instead I had some chocolate *sigh* Thank god for this site. The only thing that stopped me having more than 200 calories' worth, is knowing I'd have to own up to it here (I allow myself 150 'bonus' calories a day where I can have what I want - so it's not as bad as it could have been!).

    I did manage to get another 100 calories or so off with a walk around the block carrying DD in the baby carrier (rather than the pram). She's nearly 10kg, and given that I have nearly twice that to lose, it really puts in perspective the extra pressure I'm putting my body under. I can't wait to get to goal to know what it feels like to not be carrying any extra weight.

    I can normally manage 800 a day if I run and do the 30 Day Shred, I'm just trying to push for that extra bit - as you say, to get 2lb off per week. If I have PT, I try to get on the treadmill for about half an hour first to really up the amount burnt so I only have to do the one session for the day but today was tough as, although I was ready at 9:30, DD had other ideas - mainly involving nappies. :rolleyes:
  10. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    HAH! Midway through writing that I thought: WTF am I doing, just put your bloody trainers on and go for a run woman! So I did - I jumped on the treadmill and not only managed to do a 5km run, I also beat my PB - I did it in 37:40 (incline of 2 on the treadmill) - and bang goes another 520 calories. :D

    So, for Wednesday, 3rd September:

    Calories in = 1780
    BMR = 1560
    Calories burnt = 1220

    Total deficit = -1000
  11. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    Well done!! I however did not go to the gym in the evening as planned and drunk a bottle of oyster bay and a shot of tequila in the bar instead *rolls eyes*. Missed dinner though which I suppose kept the damage to a minimum. I'm jealous of you running - my left leg is proper busted :-(
  12. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    You sound like someone after my own heart. :D I LOVE Oyster Bay and have known to be partial to the odd shot of tequila (or sambucca) myself. It's always been my downfall tbh, and just to be super helpful, DH had his birthday last week. We went to the York and Albany (Gordon Ramsay) and had a lovely bottle of wine. We got a bit tiddly and DH decided that when we got home, it would be a good idea to get a few cases. :rolleyes: We normally don't have booze in the house as I can't be trusted. Anyway, today is a new day! Lots of water should flush everything through for you - it does the trick for me, as long as I don't end up gorging on carbs the next day!

    Re: the running - it's taken me nearly 10 years to get back to it after a hip injury. I've had to take it veeeeerry slowly. For the first few years I couldn't run at all and then I gradually built it up by walking - slowly increasing my distance up to about 20km, then introducing hills after a few months. After that, I could run but for no more than a minute (then walking for two minutes). Even now I still can't run for the whole time. I'm currently running for 1:15 and walking for 45 seconds - repeat ad infinitum. I'm trying to build it up to running for the whole time. I'm aiming to do 5km sub 30 and want to be doing 10km sub 1 hour by the time I head over to Oz in in November.

    I'm going to give the running a rest for today, so I'm going to do step and the 30 day shred (possibly followed by some spinning if I still haven't reached 1000 calories after that). How about you?
  13. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Hmmmm... day 4 of my September challenge today. I always seem to struggle when it gets to this point. The novelty is wearing off and I'm not yet far enough along for it to be habit. Once I get to a week or so, it's a lot easier as I'm in full swing and have detoxed enough so I no longer feel rubbish (headaches, etc., such as today), so I just need to get through today and the next few days and the rest of it should follow on.

    To get me through the next few days, I need to remind myself why I decided to lose weight in the first place, so this is my list (in no particular order):

    To achieve something positive for myself. I deserve to look and feel good. I have fought much bigger battles than this and won!
    To feel fit, healthy and confident.
    To wear all the nice clothes in my wardrobe.
    To look and feel fantastic on holiday in November.
    To be at my goal weight by my 40th birthday.
    To be a good role model for my daughter. I never want her to struggle like I have done with weight/image issues, so I NEED to lead by example.
    To reduce my risk of a heart attack.
    To feel strong and in control.
  14. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    It's so upsetting not being able to exercise when I really want to. Most of my weight loss is from that I think! I might have to go swimming on saturday and sunday instead as I'm not a member of the gym at my other home so no cross trainer (which seems to be what I can use at the moment).

    I am starving today. I've just got a chicken breast joint with skin on and a spoonfull of beef stew (just the meat for lunch). Not horrific but my usual lunch at the moment is 75 calorie soup!! It's going to have to be a 1200 day today and no exercise. I really want to try and lose 5lbs in the next 2 weeks but almost impossible without exercise :-(

    I ran my first 5k last November in 45mins. Two weeks ago I did an outdoor 5k (hills / grass etc) in 27mins 30 seconds :)
    7.5k the day after was in 43minutes :)
    The only time I did 10k was the race for life - I did it still drunk at 9am from the night before on 2 hours sleep. Finished in 1hr 40 seconds. So disappointed I missed the sub 1 hour by less than a minute because of my own stupidiity!!

    Nice to have an exercise buddy on here - and if you like oyster bay then we'll be BFFs - LOL ! x
  15. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    I know how that feels. *hug* When I got pregnant last year, I had been fairly heavily training. As we'd tried for several years for a baby (many failed IVF attempts, etc.) and she came along naturally, I didn't want to jeopardise the pregnancy at all (not that anyone would in any situation). I still trained for the first 12 weeks but I kept spotting so rather than risk it, I stopped training altogether. It was horrible watching as all my hard earned muscle turned into flab - but still it was for a worthy cause - as is your recovery from injury. I then tried to start training again about 12 weeks post pregnancy but my body just would not have it at all, so it's taken me until now before I can really start putting some welly into it (DD was 10 months old on Tuesday). I've had to build up really slowly as when I tried to get back into it too soon, I did my back in and had to start again - so rest assured, you'll get back into it but it might be slow going so it WILL get better with time and in the meantime, it sounds like you're doing an amazing job at damage limitation.

    Re: running - I used to do the Nike 10km Run London races (which I did in around 1hr, 10min), and I also ran with the Niketown runners every Tuesday evening (around Regent's Park).... and the City Run with work (a 5km run). I am really looking forward to getting back to all of that. I have a 'baby jogger performance' pram for running so I can go outdoors, but I've been too embarrassed to use it so far - it looks a bit poncey. :D I'm sure I won't care soon as I'd rather just get out and get on with it.

    I did an 8km in 45 minutes in January last year (just the month before I found out I was pregnant) so I want to get out this weekend and see what I do it in (I tried it a couple of months ago when my running wasn't what it could be and I ended up walking most of it so it took me over an hour!) - but that's the best I've ever managed for an outdoor run.

    I am a member of the gym but haven't set foot in it since I was 12 weeks pregnant - well over a year now. I can't get in there with the baby as they don't have a creche, and we haven't yet mastered a full night's sleep, so going in the morning while DH is looking after DD is out of the question. In the end I bought a treadmill (as I did a lot of walking but when the weather turned rubbish, it scuppered that and I thought a treadmill would help - turns out it did). I also have a step and a spin bike plus some weights, so I have a bit of a home gym (nothing fancy - all Tesco/Argos weights, etc.) but we make do and my trainer comes to my house to train me, which helps no end.

    ...but yep, I do love exercise - it's just sometimes it's difficult to motivate myself. I've done my PT this morning but only burnt through 480 calories, so I'll do a run this evening to top it up to the 1000 level. If I could eat less and exercise less, I probably would but I find if I lower my calories, my weight stops moving. I think it's all down to the bf'ing - although she is eating more solids and less bm now, so I don't think it will be too long before I stop bf'ing altogether.

    Oh - and as for the ol' vino, I've saved myself 300 calories today so that I can have a cheeky couple of glasses tonight. :D

    How are you holding up today anyway? I thought I might go swimming this weekend too (Sunday is my rest day so I thought I might go for a leisurely swim then).
  16. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    I forgot yesterday's stats:

    Thursday, 4 September:

    Calories in = 1575
    BMR = 1550
    Exercise = 800

    Total Deficit = -775
  17. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    So today I did my PT session. Only managed a few sprints at 15, so I think I need to incorporate more sprints into next week's programme. I also did weight training today - arms - and abs. I burnt off 480 calories from that session and then went for a walk with DD in the baby carrier to burn off another 400. Just shy of my 1000 goal. I've so far only managed 4000 this week and I should have been up to at least 5000 by today, so tomorrow I'm going to run and train and Sunday we're going for a walk to Regent's Park and back (which should take care of around 2000). So fingers crossed, I should be at 7000 by the end of Sunday to be on target for my 30,000 burnt throughout September.

    I'm allowing myself half a bottle of wine tonight as a treat as well - VERY much looking forward to it. I just have to make sure I stop at two glasses!

    Anyway, today's stats are:

    Calories in = 1650
    BMR = 1550
    Calories burnt = 880

    Total deficit = -780
  18. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Saturday, 6 September

    I managed an outdoor run today - not too shabby with 5km in 42 minutes. I'm quite pleased with that as it gives me a starting point to work from.

    Anyway for today's stats:

    Calories in = 1660
    Calories burnt = 1011
    BMR = 1545

    Total Deficit = -900
  19. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Sunday, 7 September - 12st, 7lb

    Calories in = not a clue (approx 2500 - 3000)
    Calories burnt = 0
    BMR = 1550

    Total calorie surplus, somewhere around +1500

    So yeah, today I took a bit of a break. I stood on the scales this morning and for the first time since my last IVF treatment cycle in September 2012 (the one I walked away from and decided I would never, ever put my body through that again and walked away from treatment for good) my weight was in the 70's. 79.7 to be exact. The first week of the 'lose a stone in September' challenge has been a rip roaring success. I weighed in at 12st and 13.5lb on Monday, and this morning I weighed 12st, 7.5lb, so I have lost 6lb in 6 days.

    Anyway, that's not why I took a bit of a break. I don't do the 'rewarding with food' thing anymore. I was absolutely full of myself this morning - happy with the world, amazed with my awesomeness, etc., etc., and then I got this from my dad (it is Father's Day today in Australia):

    Won't be Skyping first thing as I got a call from David (my cousin) yesterday to say that Michael (my uncle, dad's brother) is fading fast so we're going to see him first thing in the morning..

    He is in hospital, dying of lung cancer. I asked my Dad to say goodbye and to tell him I loved him. Dad said this:

    Hi ErrynWe did tell him you love him.He said thank you. It seems pretty definite that it's only a matter of hours now, so I think it would be better if we get in touch tomorrow. Thanks for messaging, and I love you too.Dad

    So yeah, that ol' monster, emotional eating raised it's ugly head. I didn't do too badly though, my first instinct was to put on my trainers and go for a walk but I ran out of time as we were meeting friends for lunch. We were supposed to go for Chinese food but I ended up having grilled chicken and a fallafel wrap. I also had a couple of glasses of wine. We then got home and had a chicken Iskender for dinner with borek and courgette fritters (with baklava for dessert) plus more wine (we're fans of greek/turkish/cypriot food). I didn't weigh, or measure, or calorie count any of it.

    So that's really it. The damage could have been so much worse but rather than feeling self sabotage, I felt the need for self preservation. I could have had chocolate, crisps, junk food, etc., but I didn't. I chose to eat non processed food. I've done so well. I figured that if tomorrow the scales say I am either static or one or two pounds on, then I'm at peace with that. I made a conscious decision to eat off plan and I'm not beating myself up about it. Tomorrow is a new day, Uncle Michael is gone and there is nothing I can do about it. Sabotaging my success will not help in any way.

    So yeah, I'm just going to take today as a rest and crack on tomorrow. I have training at 10:00, so I want to do a 5km run before that so I can concentrate on strength training. I want to start sculpting and to this end have bought the Jillian Michaels 'Killer Buns and Thighs' DVD (my problem area) which I'm hoping to get a couple of rotations in before we head off to Oz in November.
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  20. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Monday, 8 September - 12st, 13lb

    Confession time - what a truly disastrous day. It started well enough. I got up, had my usual protein shake and did my training. I'd slept really badly last night before due to the news about my Uncle but I tried to crack on regardless. I even got up early enough to do the 5km run pre training but, as luck would have it, my trainer was early, so I didn't get a chance to do it. After training, I skyped my parents and it turns out my Uncle died on Sunday at 3:00pm our time. Dad said he tried to call me and he left a message but there's nothing on my phone at all. Had he got through, I think I would have got it all out of my system on Sunday but instead, it carried through to today.

    I was in absolute bits after skyping them as they went into great detail about how he died and it wasn't peaceful or dignified. I still managed to have my normal lunch but it all went a bit wrong after that. I had some chocolate (about 200 calories' worth). I then had some crisps (no gluten, dairy, etc., but still 360 calories). After that it's all a bit of a blur. As the afternoon progressed, I had peanut butter and jam on toast (2 pcs) - again, gluten free, etc., but still around 350 calories' worth in total, followed by a piece of gf bread with primula - around 150 calories' worth. I then had a big bowl of grapes.

    So then DH gets home and he's bought some chocolate for me. I had about 6 chocolates - around 500 calories there. I also had two small glasses of wine - about 200 calories there. I then had fish & chips for dinner - unsurprisingly though, I could barely eat any of it. I still would have managed a good 900 - 1000 calories' worth (but with fish & chips that doesn't take much!). I also had a few sweets that DH has in the cupboard - around 70 calories' worth, and some liquorice allsorts - around 250 calories worth.

    Oh, I forgot, in the melee, I also had a 'Nature's Goodness' bar - another 200 calories there.

    So, as a rough total, I had:

    Calories in = 4200
    Calories burnt = 500
    BMR = 1580

    Total calorie surplus = +2120

    Needless to say the scales have not been kind.

    When I started the September challenge, I weighed 12st, 13lb

    On Sunday morning I weighed 12st, 7lb

    Today I weigh 12st, 13lb

    An impressive feat for two days work.

    All I can say is that I'm bloody pleased there are another three weeks in September. I know that at most, I have put on a pound of actual weight and the rest will be water retention from the salt/alcohol. So I'm hoping to get back to 12st, 7lb within the next few days (it normally takes me 3-4 days to flush my system if I've eaten off plan) and with any luck try and make some progress this week. I'm back on track today and had a good night's sleep last night, so today I can get cracking to burn off those excess calories.

    The stupid thing is, even when I was eating all this extra food, I didn't actually want it. I had to force myself to eat it as I didn't fancy it and as it wasn't on plan, I had to fight my instinct NOT to eat it. By the time I went to bed I felt bloated and really, really sick. My body is just not used to eating rubbish anymore. I really need to learn a lesson from this and that's what this diary is for - getting everything down to help avoid it in the future.

    So yeah, today I have a veeeery long walk planned.
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  21. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    You poor thing! That's just your defence mechanism kicking in. You were incredibly sad about your uncle and here is a big hug for you. Family is the most important thing in the world so don't feel bad.

    You'll get back on plan and when you see the loss you'll feel a whole lot better.

    Love to your family xx

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