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Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
well had a massive fight with my bf yesterday and he walked out of the house, so what do i do open and demolish a multi pack of highlander crisps and a bottle of wine in an hour.... then few hours later he comes in to see me in sucha state and just shouts at me n gives me into trouble for breaking the diet.

I feel like such a loser

DRINKING NOT RECOMENDED - I WAS REALLY ILL sickness n upset tummy, i felt so drunk it was horrible had to go to bed all day i still feel terrible today.

I can't face food just now but i dont know if i can face another 1st week, maybe i just destined to be fat.:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Back on the wagon!
Oh Samantha.......you poor thing.....fighting with my other half is also one of my food triggers...... Remember you are doing this diet for yourself and your own confidence....you can start another week no problem - you did the hardest week already!! Just get back on that wagon and you undo any damage with the crisps and wine in no time!!! Hugs.....


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No dont give in please,start again with me.Im off to the shemist later to get my first weeks pack,
You have came this far-dont give in.We WILL be thin lol



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Hey Sam try not to worry about it hun, its definitely one of those situations that makes you want to binge, i too am one of those people! Not very nice of him to shout at you though but maybe you needed it, cruel to be kind and all that! You are destined to be happy hun whether it is fat or thin, if thin is the answer then stick with it and next time you feel down or have a row..come let us know we will stop you drinking lol xxx
Come on Sam put it behind you, you've done the hardest bit! We're all allowed a slip now and again, just count this as yours and get back on that happy waggon to "Slimtown" !!!!

We are all destined to be fat if we dont take control, so come get a grip of yourself and crack on we are all behind you;) xxx

Men who'd have em!:D X


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Not me preferably! xx

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
thanks everyone, i just not in a good place today but you all right time to just put it behind me and not in my behind!

i' ll be cool just dreading my next weigh in now x


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If you think about it. The calories in the crisps and wine will probably be a days worth of calories so you should still lose this week. You may be out of ketosis, but by Thur/Fri this week you'll be back where you were. Its only a few days hun and you'll be back on track. Yep you had a binge, but as far as binges go.....its not tooooo bad. Draw a line under that now and onward and upward. You can do it....you will do it.
First, you are not a loser, unfortunately these things are sent to challenge us, pick yourself up and carry on with the diet, You WILL win in the end, just keep going, and don't give up. Men can be absolute barstewards. Chin up hun x
:eek:'Some' men!:sigh:
Aww you're not a loser hun!! I don't think he should have shouted at you but as Tracy said maybe you needed it...anyone shouting at me really upsets me though:(
Don't worry about it just jump right back on and you're lucky you're bf is supportive of LT if nothing else.
Keep posted,
I agree Daisy i hate being shouted at, i usually get angry and run for chocolate!! No more thanks to you guys xxx

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