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losing a part of us


adores posting
hi just wondering if anyone has a view on this i watched a chat show this week (not sure if i'm allowed to mention which one)
but one of the people said that she lost 3st on a certain diet she used to make jokes about parts of her body before anyone else did and although when she lost the weight she felt fantastic and looked fab she felt she had lost a piece of herself mainly her cheerful bubbly personality now she has put the weight back on (not sure if its all) she is happy again. sorry just wondered if any one else felt that way.
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I see the light!

I saw that programme (loose women) Colleen was on about it wasn't she? I don't feel any different now than I did before really, possibly more confident if anything, tho I still have confidence issues. I sometimes feel a bit of a diet bore! Although I don't tend to bring it up in conversation if I can help it with anyone other than my dieting family/friends. People do bring it up with me tho as its VERY obvious I have lost weight! The only time I feel a bit lost is in clothes shops, I have been overweight all my adult life and really don't know what I should be wearing alot of the time! I think its all a bit of an excuse with Colleen really, she will have still had faults when she was thin, so if she honestly felt the need to joke and bring herself down, then I am sure she could still have done!!!

Helen xxx


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What personality, Theresa?

Sounds like the lady in question may have been your typical 'everything will be perfect, if only I could lose a bit more weight' - and when they get there, they realise that the nagging wish to change 'something' is actually about alot more that 'just' weight...

And, no, Theresa, you haven't lost any of yours, apart from maybe the bits that have rubbed off on me (((T)))
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...oh, T, I'm sitting at 3 stone 5lb!


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mwhahahahah Although, It's kind of a snail and tortoise thing, Slinky! You gonna run on Monday?


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Hare, HARE and tortoise. I'm going home. Bye.
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Apologies to any of her fans, but if it was Colleen, I have to say she just sickens me. When she had weight on, it was all about the sexy larger woman. Then she lost it, it was all about how great she felt and looked, and how much her sex life had improved. She slagged Fern Britton something serious for being weak and not losing it the proper way. She slagged Natalie Cassidy for not losing it the healthy way, like she did. Now she's put the weight back on, and low and behold, she now actually feels better... and on and on and on and on...:mad:
So if she loses the weight again, does that mean she won't do another exercise dvd series? :sigh: Don't think so.
I've not seen what your talking about but if it is Colleen it just sounds like an excuse to me because she's in the public eye.
No one would delibrately put weight back on to feel better in that way, its obvious that now she has stopped training from being on dancing on ice/strictly come dancing (whichever she was on) she's just eaten to much with no excercise.
hiyer, do agree with the previous reply, know doubt when coleen loses her wieght again, they'll be the books and video. Personally, i've lost 8.5 stone, (4 st still to go) have so much more confidence and as mad now as ever:D:D:D

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