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Losing it :( Just can't lose the weight....


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It's my fault I know. I've got lax. I am estimating portion sizes and keeping track of points in my head instead of on paper.

But, I'm still fed up. Why do I always do this? I need some help and a kick up the bum. I want to lose another 2 stone by Christmas and I'm never going to do that now :(

I was thinking about going back on Cambridge to kick start all this again, but not sure I can really face it.

I'm so so angry with myself :(
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You've been doing it a while and have done great. We all need a break from dieting once in a while for it to click again! I've had mine and im back on it like you wouldnt believe! Write it down, weight it out! you know the basics now get to it!! :giggle:


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Wow! You have lost so much, you should be so proud of yourself! :) Everyone plateau's every now and again - get your head back in it...you know you can do it!!

Oh, and don't beat yourself up - i think your doing an incredible job :D
i was doing the same as you minirog , i have 'nt been writing down the points for the last couple of months and losing 1-1.5 lb per week but i have monthly pass and tracked my points and weighed everything last week and lost an amazing 4lb today :D:D , i was so chuffed i nearly skipped home !! lol. so i recommend wrighting everything down.
Hi maybe just start like you haven't done it before like the first time.
You've done amazingly and I know it can get hard month in month out.

I this week started off naff but thought sod it get back to basics weighing measuring and thought if I don't I could gain 2 stone by Christmas!!

So aim for 1.5 stone by Christmas , look at how you have done and how you can carry on . Maybe change the foods you eat so you have to weigh and measure, I know I'm abit lax with my regular foods for not weighing.

You can do it ;) xx


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Thanks for the help and encouragement. Tomorrow is weigh day and I am expecting another pants loss, but also a new start. I'm going back to week one of my couch-to-5k running programme and back to day one of weightwatchers. I'm getting a new journal and everything!

I CAN DO THIS!!!! (I hope - eek!)


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So I weighed. I stayed the same. I am pretty down about it :(

Never mind, this is a new week and I'm determined to get a 2lb loss next week!
arrrrr hunny im sorry you stayed the same but a good loss has to be coming. i have done weight watchers twice now. the first time i lost 1.5lbs in the first 6 weeks then on the 7th lost 8!!! itll come. good luck for a new week