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  1. Kim&Leah

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    Slimming World
    im starting CD on monday - i have my foodpacks ready.

    im so looking forward to starting. but just have a question..

    i know that the pounds come off quickly but do u get visible results as quick???:confused:

    thank you :)
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  3. Skyemagic

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    Hi - welcome and well done to you for taking the plunge ..(into shakes, soups and minimins...lol allthough I know you have been around here for a bit..)

    I had visible results by the end of week 2, beginning of week 3 I think it was. But the first visible results were quite amazing. Not sure whether that is the norm or if everyone is different which I would imagine in this crazy diet game. Just look at the different clothes size threads and how much it varies between all of us.

    All I can say is that this diet is crazyly amazing and even if at some point you plateau, check your inch loss - that is quite something too and sometimes happens even if you are not actually loosing that week...

    Good luck and enjoy the ride of your life..

  4. kayjay

    kayjay Full Member

    Welcome to minis Kim&Leah!

    Congrats on making the best decision of your life! I think you will be amazed at the results you will achieve on this diet. Personally, I had great losses on the scales for the fist few weeks and people did start to comment after about 2 weeks (think i lost it all off my face! LOL!!). But I noticed my clothes getting roomy and too big after just week 1 - Just stick at it for the first two weeks and i think you will be pleasantly surprised!

    I put a pair of jeans on today that i had on when i met my CDC for the first time and i pulled them up to under my armpits!! They are MAHOOSIVE!!!! Thats whats so incredible with CD - you think you can't see the results day to day, and then you put on old clothes and it blows you away!!

    Best of luck to you, keep us all informed of how you're getting on

    Love Kj xxx
  5. Kim&Leah

    Kim&Leah Silver Member

    Slimming World
    thanks :)
  6. doubledumplings

    doubledumplings Silver Member

    cambridge diet
    hi hun and good luck.

    and yes u do see results within weeks its great i couldnt beleive people could tell so quick as i have alot to lose but they could.

    ive been trying clothes on tonight as going away soon and couldnt beleive they didnt fit before cd and do now and my old faithful jeans too big got to go in bed :cry:lol xx
  7. LizS81

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    Hi Kim
    the first few weeks are great because you'll get losses on the scales and see a big difference in yourself as well.. I saw a big difference in my stomach, it went much flatter almost immediately, and other people were telling me they could see the loss from my face as well which was nice. and obviously the numbers on the scales were going down as well..

    after a while though I've found that although I am shrinking (I know because I've measured thankfully!!) I still have the same shape.. so when I look in the mirror, it doesn't really look to me like I've lost much.. but other people still tell me I've lost, the tape measure says I've lost, and I've got smaller clothes, so it's still working!

    good luck with your first day on monday :D
  8. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Hi girls

    I found that I lost lbs quickly and that I looked better, but it took ages for my measurements to go down. I think I initially lost from all the 'out of the way' places like my legs. It was a bit depressing at first because other folk I knew lost inches quickly....however I did catch up in the end! Good luck!
  9. amelia2311

    amelia2311 Member

    i had visible results in 1.5weeks, and comments from co-workers 2.5 weeks in! :) it really helps seeing it so quickly! weeks not months helps you stick to the diet really well! its the best thing i have ever done! GOOD LUCK!!
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