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  1. harveyj

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    Thought I'd start a diary to keep count of how I'm doing and help me push myself.

    Ok my starting weight was 17st 5.5lbs a week ago Monday, I weighed myself yesterday and lost 1 lb. I was quite disappointed with that Tbh.
    I Worked out Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Saturday morning, I was doing well until the weekend on my diet. I went wrong eating a full English when I was out shopping with the other half then she ordered a Chinese Saturday evening :-(
    So this week I'm eating no rubbish and working out an extra 20 mins when I go to the gym.

    I'm off to Egypt on 11th September for 10 days so I want to lose another 9lb by then

    But if I didn't I won't be feeling too down, as long as I lose 1lb a week I won't be complaining too much, because I know I'll be winning and heading towards my target
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  3. harveyj

    harveyj New Member

    Ok, it's been a good week this week, paid the gym a visit four times this week and got a game of 5 aside footy in as well,
    Weighed myself this morning and I've lost 3lb's and I did have a few naughty snacks inbetween days but it's going well
    New weight 17st 1.5lb
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