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Losses in week 2?


This is the last time!!
I'm getting a bit worried now, after my fab 11lbs loss in week 1, my scales are not acknowledging much loss, maybe 2lbs. I have been 100% with the SS, excellent with the water and I was really hoping for a bigger loss. I know I shouldn't be fretting until I am weighed on CDC's scales tomorrow but I know I am going to be utterly gutted if I haven't lost at least 4-5lbs.
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I lost 4lb in week 2 - which i was disappointed with for about 5 mins.....dont fret, wait until tomorrow and then re-post...I'm sure it will be more than 2lbs. I am expecting week 3 WI to drop as that seems to the pattern on CD.....good luck and dont worry!


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I lost 11lbs 1st week, 5lbs 2nd week, 3lbs 3rd week (dissapointed with that) and the scales haven't moved at all since Wednesday. Might cut out bars or exercise after weigh in and see if they are the reason.


This is the last time!!
Rang my mum earlier and she said I shouldn't be disappointed with whatever as no matter what I have lost almost a stone in 2 weeks, but I can't see it that way!
:0 you should not be disheartened - maybe try someexcerise i am on day 5 and have been in the gym for an hour a day - has helped increase the loss :)


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Hi girls:D,don't worry! This will happen from time to time as your body tries to catch up with itself. One day you'll put your usual jeans on and they'll suddenly be hanging off you - yet you'll not have lost weight according to the scales!! I have learnt a great deal about the body over the past few months and this never ceased to amaze me. I only lost 2lbs in my 2nd weigh in but it all evens out and you'll be delighted with the results;)
hey even if it is 2 pounds thats still nearly a stone in 2 weeks, no other diet will give you that!

dont be disheartened please, your doing fab :)

how did you do today ?


This is the last time!!
Lost 3lbs. I know I shouldn't feel so upset with that as I have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks, but I was so upset that I burst into tears when she told me :cry:
I have been 100% on this from day one and it really cuts me up that I only lost 3lbs.
Anyhow, onwards we go, not giving up, am finding it easy enough and still feeling determined.
Bough a choc AND a banana tetra for my day out on Sunday, figured if I buy them both and don't like one I still have another to fall back on to!
Could also have had the bars but am happy to continue a liquid diet for the time being.
3 lbs is great!!!!! You have to look at the bigger picture, you have lost 1 stone in two weeks, and thats only the start! Please dont be dissappointed, you are doing so well xx
I guess you are disappointed but I'm only in week one and if someone told me I'd have lost a stone in two weeks I'd be thrilled. Keep your eye on the prize!


This is the last time!!
I know, I am happy really, hopefully that's one whole stone of fat that I'll never ever have to carry around again.
I've just had a REALLY bad day and to find out that despite denying myself all of my favourite things I hadn't lost as much as I hoped was a downer.

I was talking to my CDC about this today when I weighed in. I don't tend to lose quickly, despite my fabulous first week of 12lbs I have had a 4lb and a 1.5lb and this week a 3.5lb.

I started this diet following a non success on lighter life last year and also a non success on CD last year. This is my 3rd re-start and this time I WILL finish! I think the reason I did not succeed was that my expectations were too high, I think I honestly thought that if I did'nt lose 7lb in a week I was doing something wrong or it simply was'nt fair as I watched and listened to others who were regularly having those sorts of losses.

This time I have realised that this journey is about me. Yes I was disappointed with my 1.5lb defo, and I'm a little disappointed if I'm honest with my 3.5lb cos I so wanted to do 2 stone in 5 weeks and that's now not looking probable. BUT, its a loss and there is nothing in this world that will make me come off SS this time until I have reached my goal.

Sorry to waffle/lecture, its not my intention just my personal thoughts that I thought might help.



This is the last time!!
I have had a better day today in general, and given myself a really good talking to, the only one pressuring me is ME!! I am incredibly hard on myself, stems from all sorts of stuff in the past, and I have to see that whilst I can't change that, I CAN change my future, hence my reasons for doing this, to make my future a happier and (more importantly) healthier one!
I can do this, I WILL do this and I am sorry for sounding miserable at what truthfully was a great loss :eek:
I love this forum, and I love this diet.


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Hi, Ive been dissapointed in my weight losses to, but have come round to the fact that at the end of the day a loss is a loss.
wk1 -6lb
wk2 -2lb
wk3 -1lb.
keep up the good work hun.
We all want big losses every week to speed up our journey, but slow and steady wins the race. I have failed on CD before because after week one the losses were not great enough(in my opinion) to forfeit all my favourite food. Guess what I am now back two years later 14 lbs heavier than my start weight last time round and will be happy with any loss.
You are doing really well, don't be so hard on yourself.
Thank God someone has started this thread! I was too scared to... My first week last week and I lost a full stone woop woop!!! now this week so far I've lost 1 lb and my weigh in is tomorrow :eek:

I understand it's different for everyone but yep I'm disappointed... in fact gutted. Despite the fact I'd love to lose 9 stone overnight I'd be happy with Losing a stone a month and yes I know I already lost that in week one but week one doesn't count as it's water and every one loses in week one.

And another thing my ketones have gone :( not sure where but they've disappeared thats for sure :(
weigh in week 2 this morning and i've lost 3lbs!!!! ketones are back too!!!! good luck everyone x

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