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Lost 3st, gained 2st, but im back!!

helllo all,

im on restart as of Monday, on day 3 and got to tell you i havent felt this good in all the time i was eating! I orginially lost 3 stone back in the summer, then fell off the wagon several times before i went crazy and gave up. I really struggled to get back on LT! then Christmas so i promised myself id start again in the new year. I did bin all my fat clothes, went from a size 18/20 to a 12/14 in just 9 weeks and was well chuffed with myself. Im now back at a 16 and have very few clothes left and felt like crap for putting 2 stone back on. Im changing some things this time round though. Last time i became a hermit which i dont think worked. I intend to go out, im around food this time, daughters home from Oz so shes cooking or i am for her and i feel better about food than i did when i was on it before. I do know that water is the golden rule to all this dieting. My friend started this the same time as me and she lost less each week because she drank about 1lt a day, im struggling at the mo as only on day 3 but intend to get my water up to 4.5 ltrs a day cos i know it means at least another 2-4 lbs more loss a week.

Anyway just had a read of the posts and see there are a few restarters and old faces so wanted to say hi:angel09:

this site worked for me last time, i didnt post much, just floated about but was a very frequent visitor so if your new, good luck and keep on here, it really does keep you going

jackie xx
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Welcome back Jackie, hold tight to the wagon this time!
We can look great by Summer if we don't slip.
Post on here if you feel like you're wavering.
People seem to post AFTER they've caved in. Much better to stop a sec, do a post and see if one of us can stop you.
We can all help each other to keep going.
I sometimes despair of reading posts that discuss everything EXCEPT the fact that they're tempted, then they come on and tell us that they ate loads and want help AFTER the event.
Looking forward to watching your progress. Good luck Hun. xx
wow look at you girl, nearly 6 stone!! thats bloody amazing, well done u, and thanks for the support, we are all in it together arent we? jx
hey jackie,
nice to see u back. i started jan 2008 till june 2008 lost 8 stone. was 19stone 9lbs and got to 11stone 11lbs. then had a rest. now 5th jan started again. currently weighing 12stone 1lb. got 3 stone to lose.
u will do it. how much u have to lose?


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Hey Jackie!

Im a re-starter too...i lost 2st 5lb and i have put around 10lb over christmas. I tried, like you (in fact it was the same time as you cause i remember seeing your status on Facebook!) to re-start before christmas but i had a bad fall down the stairs and torn the Ligaments in my foot so gave in cause i couldn't walk for 4 days and there was nothing else to do but eat!!!

SO, here i am again and im on day 4. Although i feel very weak today with bad headache and sicky feeling, i haven't felt so in control of my eating since i was last on LT so im doing good!

Good luck to all the re-starters and newbies.....its definatly worth it so stick to it! By god you'll be happy if you do! xxxxx
hi rhian, i lost count how many times i tried to restart LT and i did go mad after i came off it regarding food, i think psychologically i got screwed up as i ate and drank anything in site, although i know i am to blame as i didnt even attempt to refeed properly, obviously there for a reason so guys when u finish, regardless of how and whether u meet target, please do the refeed j
hi lyndsay, well i lost 3st 4lb, after getting weighed on monday i was 15st 7lb so to get back to wat i was, i need to lose 2stone 9lb but that only takes me to 12ston12 and would like to be about 11 stone ish? so not sure yet, will see how i go. I did feel good at 12st12lb and i was creeping into the size 12's too which i found amazing, just happy to get through the first week cos i know it fairly easy after that x
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Welcome back hunny on succeeding first time around and I am sure ya will do just as good again! Ya stilll maintained one of your stones that ya lost which is great, looking forward to hearing of your first wi results. I had to restart as well as I gained two stone back just not had my mind on it but the diet does work ya just have to be focused. Anyways good luck hun, take care
thanks miss, great advice, we both know how hard it is but im telling myself its easy, im on my third day and i did slip up today and had a tiny slodge of pate! but im not going to beat myself up just keep going, i am hammering the gym as daughters training for the army fitness so im hoping to have a good loss, just done boxicise, my bloody arms are killing me but im proud to say for the first time ever i can jog!! well only 1.5 miles but i can run!!!!!! so keep up the good work, we can do this girl!!!! jx
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
bloomick heck I wish I could do all those exercises...where do ya get all the energy from?
lol god knows hun, if it wasnt for my daughter training, i defo wouldnt be doing it!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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Well done very impressed with the exercise! I'm also on day 3 restart, its great fun insnt it, have you wanted to kill anyone yet? :8855:XX
not killed anyone yet. my boyfriend ordered me a mountain bike. should come today. well excited. hes the best. on day 4 of lipo, lost 5lbs already. i will be going on my mountain bike tonight for a ride of about 40 min, then 3 min on cross trainer, then dumbells of 2 reps and about 40 sit ups. make sure your all exercising as its Key to losing the weight and feeling good. Lipotrim on its own is no good. Remember exercise exercise exercise!! xx
first time round when i did this, i seriously had no energy for the first two weeks so did nothing but this time round im bounding with energy, we go 4 or 5 times a week, i jog for about 20 mins, then we do 3x15reps of pull ups, sit ups, dumbbells and some other stuff. We are doing boxercise once a week, diva dance once a week and a swim, i have arthritus in my joints and my knees are playing up but im finding the more i do, the more energy i have, i get weighed weekend so hoping for a good loss, think its all about getting a routine together, it is hard some evenings to get off my arse and go to the gym but im beginning to feel the benefits as im not so lathargic or tired. I think you should go with how u feel, i do know you can still lose loads of weight on LT without exercise as i did it before, and although i lost 3 stone, i was still very wobbly in certain bits so maybe that might be different this time, let us know how u get on with your bike jx
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I can only manage doing a 50 lap swim every day although I would like to increase that but well done ya, by the sounds of it there will b no wobbly bits this time!!
Morning guys, ive lost 10lb in my first week!! well chuffed, good luck with all your weighins jx

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Welcome back doll. Keep up the positivity and you'll be flying ;) Good luck!! xx
thanks rainbow x
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
well done!

Morning guys, ive lost 10lb in my first week!! well chuffed, good luck with all your weighins jx
Nice one! Almost half way there already! :) happy days! xox

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