lost a stone in 2 weeks......god knows how!!!


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Current weight - 12 stone 7
Target weight - 8 stone 7
Target date - 9th October

Day 2 of my journey.....going ok, although im finding the water consumption hard going

im tired now and am going to bed as I have a 6am start in the morning...will log in after work and update my diary

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day 3

feeling positive...no hunger pangs...one more day until ketosis kicks in....
had an excellent day today..day 3

I arrived at work at 7.30am....I didnt have my first shake until midday as I was so busy...had my second one (soup) 30 mins ago at 6pm....No hunger pangs at all

Could i already be in ketosis?

I felt hungrier than this last time from what I remember...the only difference is I am no longer drinking black coffee...perhaps thats what triggered the hunger.

Managed 1 litre of sparkling water and 1 of plain. I'll try and have another 2 this evening plus my shake before bed.

Im cooking my familys tea of rice, peas,sweetcorn, onions and minced beef in burger form...grilled....and I dont feel the slightest tempted despite the onion smell..(I love fried onions!)

Hope tomorrow is as good as today.


and here is my ideal eating plan....lol
so this is what happens to all the water we drink....*looks down at own chest*.....mine seems to be slipping down further more to the stomach region

ok....so Day 4

not such a good day

I dyed my hair last night...meant to be medium blonde (my normal choice)...I must have picked up the wrong packet.

I thought it was strange as the others didnt have a little packet in it (which later turned out to be powdered bleach!)...anyway...I turned into Jimmy Saville

I have been in hiding today...my dear darling mum popped out this morning to purchase a dark blonde for me and I am now brown!! for the first time ever...(my natural colour is dark blonde...but this is definately brown!...)

I look older now...Ive applied some fake tan to my face...hoping it dosnt emphasis my wrinkles..

So the picture I paint today is:-

A fat woman with a sore scalp and brown over dyed hair...formely jimmy saville..(anyone know a good plastic surgeon and hairdresser?)
well 14.54 had one shake for breakfast, one for lunch.....will have my last one at about 6pm...and fill up on water in between...just wanted to report that todays been harder...but not too bad..(also fitted in some afternoon exercise...which Dave helped me with...wink wink..nudge gudge!)
still day 4....

Feeling very bloated..drinking water...water and erm more water.

I am not weighing myself again till Tuesday which will be day 8...

fingers crossed its a large amount shifted as its my first week

by tomorrow I should be shifting fat and not just glycogen...if I am correct about this process.

anyone know?
Day 5

Had 2 of my shakes already and glugging lots of water.

I am supposed to be going to the cinema tonight to see pirates of the carribean2 with my daughter and her friend...but I am not sure I should go....all this water means at least 4 trips to the toilet an hour which may infuriate other cinema goers especially those seated behind and next to me.

I would also need to catch up on the plot for the bits I missed whilst seated on the throne.

I am well into this diet now .....day 5 and no hunger and determination to see it through again...Its maintenance that is the problem for me so special attention will be needed then.

Why is it as soon as you add a little food to your days diet you crave more and more of the stuff...whereas just sticking to shakes and water I feel no hunger at all.

I must definately be in ketosis now as i was shivering last night and pulled the quilt around me whilst everyone else in the house were complaining about the heat and stripped naked sleeping on just a sheet....

I had goose bumps and it was 33 degrees!!
still day 5

Just did the tesco run and on the way out noticed a lady who cant have weighed more than 5 stone. Her bones were sticking out and she looked really old. My son was with me and wondered if she was ill...(I looked in her trolley)...4 packs of laxatives on the top of a mixture of fruit and bottled water....

My son said to me...you look 100 times better than her even though I am 3 stone overweight.

Reminds me that we are not alone in having food issues...there are people out there who are terrified of eating for other reasons.

I mentioned this to Dave and we went on to discuss Nicky from Big Brother...and about her time as an anorexic. He then said thats why she was cold all the time....I said Im cold all the time too (since starting this diet)..he looked me up and down smirked...and said "Yeah, right, sure your anorexic!....) Men can be Bar stewards at times cant they!

Trying to decide what flavour shake to have for my last meal...any suggestions
Hi jfc,

Weight problems are complex and there is so much research still needed to understand what is going on as it is just not one thing...

Pollution, chemicals, antibiotics, soil conditions, angel dust, GM foods and so on and on...

coupled with the pressures of modern living...The media control so much of what we think we want or need!

I did find it fascinating that when I had lost about three stone I still could not really see myself very much different, only in photos where you had the before and after...

It has taken awhile.

So when they say anorexias see themselves as fat, I can understand that now!

I think also that men are afraid of saying the wrong thing to women, so much so that it comes out all wrong most of the times!

Your husband probably thought he was paying you a compliment and in a way he was.

Of course a woman would of said it different...we just do.

I have loads of different flavours to try out that I have not got around to as yet as I was on LT for so long with only three flavours...I did like all their flavours and I very much love the CD banana one and the Bars....

Good for you for doing the run, how far did you go?

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini

lol....Just realised when I said Tesco Run you thought I meant literaly running....I'm afraid not, I wish I could say I had run 8 miles or so but my tern Tesco Run meant I had done the weekly shop for those in my household who are eating 'real' food! it wasnt too bad walking along the aisles of food and goodies....But I did make a rod for my own back by buying some of my faveourite recipe ingredients to make fot the family this week.

I havent tried the Banana flavour CD yet. I tend to stick to choc mint or butterscotch at the moment...although I adore fruits of the forrest too.

Am I right in thinking I have to wait until week 3 before I can have a bar instead of a shake?

I mixed my shake up with some crushed ice and ate it like ice cream in a bowl (fruit of the forest) it was yummy and just right for this hot weather we are having at the moment

This site is excellent Mini...whenever I feel the need for support I come here and there is always someone to offer advice and help


Yep, no bars til week 3 but don't forget the two new flavours - Cranberry and Peanut - are available from Monday so something to look forward to! :cool:
Hi Jenny,

I thought you were after being out running as a lot of the members have been on charity runs or are planning to do so in the future!
I think you can have the bars after the second week?

Not exactly sure on that!

They are yummy, love them and preparer them to actual chocolate bars now. I can't touch them when SSing as they bring me out of ketosis very quickly...and trigger cravings.

They don't do that when I am having food one is enough and I don't crave more...

I find it curios that they do that to me.

Chocolate would be a trigger food for me normally.

Jenny I am delighted you like the site, you seem to know your way around it very well.

Love your weighing scales picture, some of the ones are very funny indeed...

Love Mini xxx
Good night all...day 6 tomorrow...going to take a bottle of water to bed and see you for another day tomorrow