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Lost my new home (i think)


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Feeling very angry & upset:cry:
My little family live in a 2 bedroom flat. This is becoming a big issue for us, our little girl is going to be 2 in 3 months and she still sleeps in our bedroom. Her sleeping habbits seen to be getting worse, she needs her own room now.
We live in a nice town, some new homes have been built & we were really hoping to get one. The town is very popular, our son goes to school here. So we dont wont to leave.
We would be able to get a 3 bedroom house when my son turns 5 on the 19/04, but the homes are being advertised now before my sons birthday, but they will not be ready until may. That means that its very unlikely we will be offered one.
I know its silly but I had set my heart set on staying in the town.
I thought by getting in contact with the council, they would reconcider. It makes me so angry, if my son was 5 now we would be offered one. Its poo and no one seems to care about how unfair this is.
I dont expect anyone to be able to help with this, just wonted to let go of my feelings by writting it down
x x
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Sorry hun, that's bad news!

Have you contacted the council yet? Surely there is something they can do if they're not ready yet!! Its not like it's long away! xx


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Thanks for the reply pesty, its good to know that there is someone out there :)

I talked with them first thing this morning. Im in band e=no chance of moving. After my sons birthday it will change to band b.
They told me that there is nothing that they can do, but they will put a note on, to remind them of my situation.
There are so many people interested and only 3 homes!
I know its silly, but I thought that if I talked to them, they would just change us to band b.
Too optimistic


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Oh Huney!:hug99::hug99::hug99:


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That's no good!! Its only 18 days!! Id suggest calling them back about applying on his bday, that way if any of them havent been taken then you will have a chance, that and if anyone applications have fallen through you would be considered.

Is there a chance anything else will come up in the near future?



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Sorry to hear that!! Life sucks sometimes doesn't it, especially when you're talking about the age of your children and a few days!! It doesn't seem logical at all!! As Pesty says, maybe you could reapply on your little boy's birthday?! And if not, the way I always look at these things, perhaps there is something better in the pipeline that you just don't know about yet! I'm a believer that things happen/don't happen for a reason! It may not seem to make sense now, but when something comes up for you (even if it does mean moving to a different area) it may be the best thing that could ever happen to you and you'll look back and see this situation very differently!! Who knows! I know you're frustrated with your situation and your little girl not having her own bedroom, but try and see the positives which are that you're all together and you have 2 healthy children who you love very much/who love you very much! I know what I'm saying is probably not going to help your situation one little bit but there's ALWAYS something better around the corner, but because it's around the corner, you can't see it yet!!XXXXX


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oh poor you - that is mean of them, have you tried any housing associations though? My parents were in a bad situation a few years ago, my dad was made redundant at the age of 62 but they had never owned their own home because our home was tied to his job, anyway they went to the council who were worse than useless, they would only give them a one bedroomed flat & they would have to get rid of all the pets they had (3 dogs, 4 cats & 6 ferrets at this point), my mum was advised to contact the local housing associations & they were fabulous, they now part own a two bedroomed, brand new bulit house & are really happy. Give them a try & let us know how you get on