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lost & put it all on again - need your inspiration


can do it this time!
hi all

I lost over 3 stone earlier this year, loved new look, then through various really difficult personal circumstances I piled it all back on again.

Really thought hard about re-joining and avoided for ages but plucked up courage to phone LL counsellor & saw her today so start again tomorrow.

This forum kept me going last time but not sure about re-starters, have only just skimmed this thread. Are there a few others out there who are in same situation as me? Happy to keep in touch and hope we all do well - can we keep each other going? Thanks for any replies - need inspiration at the moment!

new-me :sigh:
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Hi there

I too lost a large amount of weight, felt great, however, put 2 stone back on and like you decided to go back to LL. I have been on packs again for 2 weeks now and am due to go for my second weigh in tomorrow. I lost 6lb last week and am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. My counsellor and I agreed that I would do a 4 week rebalancing course to see how it goes. Wish you well and it is good to chat.
Welcome back! :) Take one day at a time, & you'll see- you will make a huge difference by Christmas! ;)
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Hi there,

Yes this has happened to me and more than once I might add! Lol! I lost 8 stone in 5 months the year before last. i moved back home to my parents Christmas 2006 and came off LL (before I reached my goal) and spent that year regaining the lost weight. My problem is not the losing weight but the maintaining weight so this time round I am planning to lose it all and do management.

For me, losing such a large amount of weight is a very scary thing. Since I was about 3 years old my weight has matched my age (apart from the times where I have been in the process of losing and gaining) so being big forms a huge part of my ideniity. Although I have worked out that I hate being fat-I don't feel good, have low self esteem and lack confidence. My size is something that is familiar to me and therefore comforting. When I reach my target (and I will) I am not going to look like the same person I do now and this both exciting and terrifying. I think I am scared of the unknown (i've never maintained a normal weight) so don't know how I will look or how I will feel about the possibility of loose skin. I think that if I work through my fear and other feelings rather than denying them by pretending that my life will miraculously be perfect once I've lost the weight I think I can do it. I also get quite affected by the resistance of other people to my weight loss. My mother in particular is a big trigger for my eating. She kind of has a way of sabotaging me by giving me permission to eat-like that fateful christmas she encouraged me to break from the diet and said thing like 'I've lost 'too much weight too quickly' and 'it can't be safe' and 'you've got to have Christmas off'. I think in some ways she wanted me to eat so that it was Ok for her to eat. She was meant to be preparing for her gastric bypass at that time and was supposed to be following a liquid only diet. I think that she kind of wanted to have a last Christmas blow-out and she'd have felt guilty about doing this if I was being abstinent. ...........this Christmas my mum has lost a fair amount of weight and couldn't eat as much this Christmas but I kept on going so keeping her happy did not make me happy. I am not blaming her but I do struggle with people that can be controlling because I am a people pleaser by nature. I know I need to take responsibility for my own actions, be more assertive and care less about what other people think. If I can do this and will hopefully be more prepared for similar circumstances this time around. And by next Christmas I hope that we will both be in control and be slim!

I have been offered the same surgery but it is risky and I want to be able to do it myself-get to goal and maintain in lots of ways it is the much harder route but at least I'll be able to say that I got there in the end and might even sing 'I did it my way! Lol! I think if I can stay focused and not break abstinence then the weight loss will look after itself. The problem with me is not so much the food per se. I know what food is healthy and what is not......my problem is the way I use food to deal with my feelings and if I can crack that I'll never be this size ever again.

Hope this helps and that it doesn't sound like the ramblings of an insane woman.
Hiya, you don't sound insane at all! I'm not a returner but I have been a serial dieter for many years and lost and put on again. I know exactly what you mean about being thin is scary and also about thinking life will be perfect if you are thin. This is the first time I've been able to accept that my life will still be the same, with all its ups and downs...even when I'm slim. When you lose the weight and you are miserable you don't have the weight to blame it on! Stay strong and good luck!