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Louella diary

Breakfast. 1 oz Porridge made with water and a splash of milk (skimmed) Banana

Dinner; Pack of savory rice (tesco) free

Snack 3 mini Jacket potatoes (dry)

57g wholemeal bread (Healthy extra)

Tea; bubble and squeak (SW),Can of baked beans, Banana.

2 coffees, 2 artichoke tea's 1 litre of water plus one glass of water
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S: 13st5lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.81%)
Hi Louella,

Just thought I'd pop in after reading your post about syns.

Your diary does follow all the rules for a green day, but it doesn't look very healthy. Aim for at least 5 portions of fruit & veg each day, and not just bananas.

If I were you I would have superfree food as snacks (fruit, crudités with dips...).
I would also spread your syns out throughout the week as otherwise you may be getting your body into a 'binge' cycle where it stores the weekend's overload knowing it won't get any treats for a whole week.
Finally, try and stick to wholemeal carbs where possible to keep your fibre uptake high to keep your bowels moving.

I started off doing 100% green days but am now trying to add some red days in. This doesn't nececssarily mean having meat, but it does mean cutting down on the carbs. Early days yet but pop over to my food diary in a week or two if you want to see whether this helps boost my losses :)
Hi Prawnchopsuei! Thanks for the advice, I have actually had a mad few days, im usually eating fruit and veg like its going out of fashion, it costs me a small fortune, I always eat wholemeal bread,pasta and rice but thanks for this anyway, I excersise a lot also which my c picked up on that I am not eating enough to fuel my body, so I changed this,she said my bod was storing every thing I ate cos of the long gaps I was leaving not eating, but as the kiddywinks are off school at the mo, im not getting my usual 7 mile power walk in.Im still getting up at the crack of dawn to get either an interval workout, or weights in. The bit about the syns at the weekend make perfect sence, I never looked at it like this before, so this has definatly put it into a diffrent perspective thank you. I will take your fab ideas on board, and keep a check on my diary, if thats ok, you can tip me where I need a kick up the bum, and I will check out yours also,to compare what you are eating to get those fab results, congrats to you xx
S: 13st5lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.81%)
Thanks Louella, looks like you ought to keep on the green days then with all that exercise you do!!
Are you seeing inch loss despite the scales not showing a loss?
Hopefully if you increase your food intake as your consultant has suggested the scales will start to shift. Fingers crossed for you!! :)

Crazy that you can have to eat more to lose more, but hey if it works I'm not complaining ;)
Hi there, yes my lovely, I started the measuring last friday so all been well maybe ill get a loss......I am so frustrated about this cos im putting all the hard work in........keep visiting my diary x

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