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Louise's diary of determination

Hi All,

Ive been really struggling since Christmas so Ive decided to write a diary to keep me focused and determined to reach goal and keep it off. Hopefully I will keep a record of random thoughts, what I eat and how I plan to keep it off. I promise to be honest and write down everything that goes in my mouth (that way I can't lie to myself).

How did I get here?

Ive done every diet there is and Im usually quite good at getting it off, but just can't keep it off. This is my last attempt, even though I know I will always have to watch what I eat. Its something I need to accept-I can't just eat what I want. Im 30 in July and really want to be maintaining by then.
At my biggest I was 15st 10 and now Im 12.1 (2.3 of which lost on LL). I really want to be about 10st but it's more about being comfortable than the numbers on the scale so Im going to see how I feel at 11st.

Anyway here is what I have had today.

5 cups of tea.
strawberry mousse
mushroom soup
peanut bar
chicken soup (at about 9pm)

1 large barbecue snakajack with philadelphia extra light on. oops.

Here's to a 100% day tomorrow.

I promise I will stick to it and get back into ketosis.:D
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My target is 10 stone but like you say its what is comfortable.
Might need to start keeping a diary myself! Well good luck Aloize, I will be looking for inspiration :)


is Magdalicious
Loving the title of your diary hun!
Determination is so empowering!
Good luck! I'll be following your journey on here :)


Playing the Angel
Hey A

Good luck in keeping it going :) A diary really helps, I kept one all through my journey and it was my best tool apart from class. It is also a great thing to read through when you are having a hard time as it shows you how far you have come.

I have decided to attach some pics for extra determination. The first is before (about 15st) and the second at 11st 5 (10lbs lighter than now) so I know I can get there and lighter.

I wish I hadn't cut my hair off as it looks so nice in the second pic. It's now in a shoulder bob. oh well it will grow.

Anyway, Ive been really motivated today as determined to get the 3lb off I put on plus extra by my weigh in on Thursday.

Ive had today
lots of tea
chicken soup (as crisps)
banana mousse
peanut bar for later.

Did think about ditching the mousse and bars until fully back on plan but really can't cope without them

nearly 100% day-haven't had one of those for a while.


Just found another skinny(ish) pic from last summer on honeymoon (about 11st). this is the lowest Ive ever been in my adult life so hoping to get back there. I have also stuck some on my fridge to stop me picking.

I can do it.


Hiya Aloize

Good luck on your journey, I'm sure you'll be able to do it, just a case of remaining focused and sticking to the plan 100% looking at your pictures you've done that already! In no time that extra bit of weight will fall off you xx Maxi xx
I just signed up for Cancer UK's SHINE event in London. Its a marathon at night but no running allowed just walkers.
Got a target to get fit!!


Playing the Angel
hey A

Your pics are amazing!!! Wow, how much are you planning to loose atm? And nice to see a fellow Londoner on here, where are you based? The walk sounds interesting, where did you find the info on it? Hope all is going well.

Hi J,

Thanks for comments. Im about 12lbs heavier now than in the photo so hoping to lose at least 12lbs on RTM then see if I can maintain before losing last half stone to get to 10 and half.

Im not actually from London Im in the Midlands but the SHINE marathon is on in LOndon, Glasgow or Manchester so picked London. Bit worried now as don't think Ive ever walked more than 5 miles in one go! Will have to get fit. Website is below,

Take part in the Shine night-time charity walk for Cancer Research UK

Yo've done amazingly well. Did you lose all that just May-Sep 09? Ive pissed about a bit so could've lost a bit quicker but had holiday and xmas in middle.


Playing the Angel
Thanks for the link A, and yup I lost it between may and sept, although I lost a bit more during RTM which is the final weight showing on my ticker. Glad it is going well for you so far.

It's been really tough today and cheated with snakajacks. Im so annoyed with myself.
But did lose 3lb I put on over xmas so that's good.
Reading through maintainance books now to keep me motivated.
Reading maintainance books has really helped this weekend. I so don't want to go back to old habits. Today I found myself opening all cupboard doors and fridge to see what there was to eat.Didn't eat anything though. I used to do this everytime I went in the kitchen before LL. Sometimes I was just looking other times I'd be on a binge. I realise it is a habit I need to break.

So far Ive eated on my first day of RTM

150g quorn

Later I plan on having chicken soup and peanut bar.

I hope my LLC gets the new flavours soon, Im sick of these ones.

I also have my husband's xmas party next weekend. It got delayed because of the snow. Its a masquerade ball and I have my lovely size 12 dress hanging up to motivate me.

Think positive I know I can do it.

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