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Lou's diary - (Celebrity Slim)

Ok, as most of you know, I'm a bit pants at SW, so I'm starting a new diary to keep me on the straight and narrow and that hopefully you'll get behind me and give me a kick when I need it.

I'm not going to go to class again as

a) I've joined and left almost every one in my town
b) I hate image therapy with a passion and happy clappers
c) I get more support from here
d) Boots is 50p SW is £4.50.

So, I went to Boots on Monday night after work and weighed in, I've put on 5lbs in about 6 weeks, so it shows how quickly it starts creeping back on.

I'm really excited about my next weigh in, and love being back on SW and being in control. I just hope I can keep in the zone for longer than normal.

Ohh, and I've cleared the house of everything naughty, so boyfriend will have to fend for himself now.

Speaking of boyfriend............ we had a little arguement last night.....
He asked me how much I weighed (as I was telling him about Boots etc) and I said I'm not telling you, I'd never tell anyone etc. It's not that I don't trust him, it's just I'm deeply ashamed by it and don't want to share it with anyone.

He's told me some financial stuff about himself which was extremely difficult for him, so he can't understand why I can't tell him, and thinks I don't think he'll support me.

What do you guys think I should say to this etc?
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i think he should no women never like to disguss weight etc so u should tell him most women dont tell ther partners so he should understand, i dont go to class either my local 1 is rubbish lol and id rather keep a £5 in a jar each week at home weighing myself to spend on clothes :) and i work rota shifts so i wouldnt be able to make it all the time. anyways good idea about the new diary! ull do well :) stay strong


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Hey hun look forward to reading your new diary. Hope SW works out for you this time.

As for telling your partner its totally your call. I tell my partner he knows exactly how much I weigh and says he loves every pound of me bless. It just depends on the person if you feel uncomfy then keep it to your self.:)


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Why not tell him ? he can see you as you are and he is ok with that , but if you don't want to , don't . But tell him if you tell him for every pound you lose you want a pound ok :)
Totally agree with you Lou about the classes, it is so boring although if it was a good leader they would be more interesting, my leader was on holiday and the stand in was much more enthusiastic and gave some good info. You sit there for an hour clapping on everyones weight loss when really you want tips and recipe ideas etc. Years ago I went to one of my many WW classes and the leader brought an electric wok and made some great food, which I then tried.
I am keen to congratulate everyone on their weight loss but it goes on and on and on, there is never any time for anything else.
I agree you get a lot more support and advice on this forum. Good luck I hope its the final journey and you get to your destination this time xx
Thanks for the replies. I really don't want to tell him how much I weigh, I know it's only a number, but I couldn't.

I think I'll just explain it to him, and hope he forgets about it.


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just tell him your embaresed about it so youd rather he didnt know. its not gonna be life changing for him so he doesnt really need to know. my scales are in the bedroom and i make my bf leave the room when i weigh myself cause i dont want him to know. im very embaressed about it.


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NO WAY JOSE - don't do it!!! i would never tell my boyfriend what i weigh - mainly because he's never been out with anyone over 11 stone before! i'm his first 'fat bird!' and i think he would pass out with shock if he knew what i weighed. i also think he would be very concerned and worried about my health and would try and make me live on lettuce leaves and exercise twice a day until the weight has dropped significantly. lol

he only weighs 10.5 - 11 stone and is naturally slim. he's dying to know what i weigh, but i'm so deeply ashamed and embarassed by the number. he tries to guess but he never gets it right, even to the stone!!! i have promised him that once i have lost 6 stone i will tell him what i weighed when i started SW :D

BTW money and fat are not similar subjects. sit him down and show him your last 10 years worth of bank statements and talk about your bank accounts and credit cards! ;)
Karen - love the comment about Lou showing him her back statementss - love it!

Good idea starting afresh Lou - its what you need. As for the weight issue, I never told me BF how much I weighed until Id lost about three stone and then I told him (not that he was remotely interested! and I bet he wouldn't even remember what it was!) I dont see a problem with it though as he can SEE how fat I am, so knowing the number, in my opinion makes no difference. Just like I dont see the issue with him knowing what clothes size I am (dunno whether hes even taking it in when Ive talked about it!) Would you tell a friend what you weighed? Cos I would never tell my friends (Ive only told one!) but I see my bloke as different to them. Would you tell us how much you weigh as we're all in the same boat? I actually felt quite liberated when I finally typed on here that I started off weighing just over 18 stone - it made it seem like it was something to be ashamed of when I didn't say it (which I was/am/should have been ashamed) but it turned it into a positive as I was doing something about it................ waffle over! xxx
BTW Im not asking you to tell us on here - unless you want to of course! x
Lou.. I didnt tell DA about my weight until I hit 13 stone 1 lb as I wanted to tell someone I was nearly hitting the 12's.. started at 14 stone 4 lbs.. Anyway he was pleased for me as he thought I weighed more than that anyways.
As you weigh in at boots you get the little receipt? Hang on just thought .. doyou get weighed on the big scales that do your height as well?? If you do be wary as both me and friends have weighed on two different sets of those type and have weighed in heavier. Anyway back to what I was saying.. if you have the tickets ..keep them and then when you get to a comfortable weight for you hand them to your BF to look at and he can see the numbers going down and should be very proud of you :D


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I was like you and didn't tell my hubby because I was also ashamed but I'm one of these people who has to tell my other half almost everything and so I did. He didn't seem shocked at all which was great. He's very supportive congratulates me with each loss :).

I think it would also depend on how long you've been with your boyfriend. If it's not long then I wouldn't lol But if it's a long term thing then go for it as long as you feel comfortable of course


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I actually felt quite liberated when I finally typed on here that I started off weighing just over 18 stone - it made it seem like it was something to be ashamed of when I didn't say it (which I was/am/should have been ashamed) but it turned it into a positive as I was doing something about it................ waffle over! xxx
i have a friend who knows my weight, but that's only because she was big years ago and has lost some, so she can relate to me and i can relate to her. i wouldn't put my weight on here incase my boyfriend came on here and had a look! my parents don't know my weight either.

i wouldn't tell my boyfriend my dress size when we 1st started seeing each other and because i wouldn't tell him he was so curious he looked on my clothes label one time when i was out of the bedroom, then brought it up. glad it happened like that as it was easier than telling him! ...perhaps he could spike my drink then weigh me! lol

if i weighed how i looked then i would tell him, but i'm much heavier than i appear....have mentioned this before on a previous post. i guess in a way i fail to acknowledge my actual weight!
Telling anyone your weight is tough when you're concious of it yourself.

I told my BF I didn't want to tell him what my starting weight was - but he found out when I kept showing him my chart on the SW web site! He didn't make a big thing out of it - just congratulated me on my loss!

How about telling your BF that since you're not going to go to a club you'll have your own 'club night' with him every week - telling him exactly what you've lost every week and what issues you've had etc! That way he too can feel involved in your plan! You could even write food diaries and go through it with him!!!
The thing is, his mum and sister were both big...... (about my size), but they've both done LL / CD and are now size 10's.

I find it difficult as I think he's comparing my losses against what his Mum has lost etc. I've tried VLCD's twice and just can't do it. I've told him this, and he said he understands, but every time I say... "ohh I've lost 1lb", I keep thinking about how much his Mum use to lose a week.

Oh well. Nobody knows what I weigh apart from my Mum, I tell my boyfriend EVERYTHING else but I really draw the line at telling him my weight. I know he won't be horrible about it, but like Karen, I don't look like I weigh as much as I do......

Enough of my ramblings, thanks to everyone for replies, you're all legends xxx
Looking at your avator pic you don't look 'big' as you put it. You prob dont look heavier than you are, just like Karen prob doesnt! I like to think I didnt look like I weighed 18 stone - but I must have done! xxx
Sorry rainbow, what I meant is that I don't look like I weigh as much as I do....... I look smaller than what the scales say, as I'm 5ft10 so got more room to spread the fat over.

When I've lost 3 stone, I'll tell him.

I knew you meant that Lou - but I couldnt work out how to word it in my sentence.... and my mum and dad had called round and were talking to me!!! Go on Karen - you'll feel better telling us! start PMing us one by one if thats easier!! Thanks, thats kind of you to say - I wish I was 15 then Id be 12 now lol!! xxx

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